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60 seconds with JSW's Reji Mathai

Ahead of his presentation at next month's Eurocoke Summit, we spoke with Reji Mathai, Senior Manager of Coke Oven Operation at JSW Steel, to get his view on the most significant recent industry shifts, why it's important to share success stories and much more.

Q1. You are going to be delivering some insights into success stories of JSW non-recovery coke oven – why is this an important story to share right now?

JSW Coke Oven plant has successfully overcome many challenges such as rising international coal prices, refractory damage in ovens and consistent quality demand from BF.

This success story describes how challenges were converted into opportunities with unique activity to make a bench mark among the coke makers.

Q2. What do you see as the most significant shifts in coal, coke and steel in the next 12-24 months?

Prices rising and low availability of prime of coal & coke in international market.

Q3. What do feel are the biggest stumbling blocks for the industry at the moment?

Compliance to Pollution control norms and reduction of greenhouse emission.

Q4. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend Eurocoke Summit 2018?

Of course one should attend this exclusive summit. Because Knowledge is shared by the experts in field of coke making operations & Coal market, they can hear what challenges faced and how its overcame.

Reji will be presenting as part of the Developments in India session at Eurocoke next month. Other speakers in the session include Arun Jagatramka from Gujarat NRE, Abhijit Sen from Bhushan Power & Steel and Rishi Gupta from Tata Steel

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