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Thanks for a Successful 2020 Online Event!
2021 Dates & Location Coming Soon

This year in an effort to provide MetCoke attendees the opportunity to connect, network, and stay up-to-date during this time of change and development, we are held a virtual meeting, sponsored by SunCoke Energy, which focused on Industry Resilience: The Impact of COVID-19 and Steps Toward Recovery. 

This webinar covered industry-leading topics:

  • Market Overview and Factors for Global Economic Growth
  • Panel on COVID-19 Impacts to the Entire Supply Chain
  • Future of N.A. Coke Making
  • How Well Can Metallurgical Coal Rebound From Q2 Struggles? 

2020 Speakers

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Jim Truman - Wood Mackenzie, USA

Jim Truman

Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets at Wood Mackenzie, USA
Dean Bishop - BC Coke

Dean Bishop

Sr. Vice President - Operations at BC Coke
Dr. John F. Quanci - SunCoke Energy

Dr. John F. Quanci

VP of Engineering and Technology at SunCoke Energy
Dr. Samuel Sheyn - Sam Sheyn Consulting

Dr. Samuel Sheyn

Principal at Sam Sheyn Consulting
Dr. Joseph J Poveromo - Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting

Dr. Joseph J Poveromo

Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting
Dr. Hardarshan S. Valia - Coal Science Inc., USA

Dr. Hardarshan S. Valia

President at Coal Science Inc., USA

2020 Sponsors

SunCoke Energy

2020 Agenda

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Session I: Metallurgical Coal, Coke and Steel Market Dynamics and Global Expectations
Leading industry experts share insights on the metallurgical coal, coke and steel industry market trends and global market outlook and the impact of COVID19

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