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Spotlight on China

With the challenges facing the industry at the moment, and with so much of a focus on China, the 12th edition of the Eurocoke Summit willl provide exclusive perspectives from industry experts that live and work in China. These technical and commercial insights make Eurocoke a unique - and valuable - event to attend.

On the technical side, we welcome Hu Desheng, chief researcher  and technical expert at Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. His presentation, Evaluation Method and Application of High Reactivity Coke, will provide technical insight into some differences of CRI/CSR test and coke in blast furnaces in China, the relation of coke strength after reaction and weight loss rate and the results of applying a new method in BAYI-Steel. As chief researcher and professor at Baosteel Group, Hu Desheng plays a critical role in the development and implementation of technology for one of the world’s largest steelmakers. 

From a commercial perspective, Peter Arkell will share insights on The Future of Mining and Minerals in China.  Currently the Managing Director of Carrington Day, Peter Arkell first came to China in the mid 1990’s with an American management consulting company. He has been living in Shanghai since 2004 and is the Chairman of AustCham Shanghai, was the founding Chairman of the Global Mining Association of China and Chairman of the Oriental Mining Club. He notes the continued importance of the topic over the coming years and says, “I think this is a story well worth exploring. It is going to be an interesting year; will the Chinese investor see this as the time to become more active globally? And for the Eurocoke audience, there are distinct business culture differences in China – so perhaps I can provide some pathways to successful engagement with Chinese miners.”

Certainly we expect China’s influence to be a part of more of the discussion, but these two presentations from voices working inside China can help provide much value to the Eurocoke Summit 2016.