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Will India emerge as the new China and trigger the next commodity boom

This article from The Motley Fool  attempts to place in context the long-predicted rise of the Indian economy – and the subsequent boosting of the coal, coke and steel industries.

“There are a range of indicators that India’s economy is set to expand rapidly over the next decade,” writes the author, Matt Smith. Many within the industy have looked to India to drive growth as China once did, providing an outlet for resource producers around the globe.  India’s economy, growing by nearly 8% per year, has eclipsed China’s in terms of growth rate, if not size. Without investment in mining and minerals – along with shortages of some materials such as coking coal – India appears to have a high and growing appetite for imports. And as the economy grows and the population booms, infrastructure follows- driving the interest of steel, coke and coal companies. India is not yet in the same realm as China as a market and consumer, but signs indicate that it is heading that way.