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Met Coke World Summit 2015

19th Edition of Met Coke World Summit convened October 27 - 29 in Pittsburgh PA

Met Coke World Summit: Survival Strategies and Preparing for the Future

The 19th edition of the Met Coke World Summit took place on October 27 - 29 at the historic Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh, PA.

The conference opened with remarks from Terry Hale, former Senior Vice President of Patriot Coal Sales, asking - where have all the US met sales gone? Immediately afterward, Tim Wojtowicz from Dorchester Energy shared some of the bad news in the industry - as well as some reasons for optimism and hope. Philipp Englin from World Steel Dynamics followed that presentation with an informative and sobering reminder of the dynamics in and prospects of the steel industry. Al Spada from the American Foundry Society provided an update on the state of metalcasting and what it means for coke suppliers. David Schoen from Koppers shared insight ito the land scape of coal tar production and both supply and demand side drivers. Jim Truman closed the first day with the note that the near term looks like a rough road, but long-term demand looks to be stronger.

The morning session kicked off with Neil Bristow sharing nsight into the current and future prospects for the two dominant steelmaking routes: BOF/BF and EAF/DRI.  Immediately following, Alistair Hudson-Kirkham provided a view of the Chinese market. Jorge Caldeira discussed what is happening in Brazil, reflecting on how the predictions made just thre years ago look unrealistic in this climate, and perhaps we can take stock in that for the future?  Viktor Stiskala then shared ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe's lab results and plant performance at Schwelgern.

After lunch, delegates heard Cam Howey share some of how Teck Coal is extending the life of operating batteries. Joe POveromo highlighted the methods for pushing blast furnace PCI and natural gas rates above 200 kg/ton. Marcelo Andrade from ArcelorMittal then discussed shifting to a more integrated mix of BF/BOF/EAF/DRI. The day's final presentation was from John Quanci at SunCoke. He shared many insights on innovation and new technology in cokemaking. He provided a hopeful reminder to close the day, noting that work done now will ensure success when the market turns around.

The closing session provided unparalleled technical insight.  Yakov Gordon of Hatch shared developments in coal charge preparation and other technical innovations in cokemaking.  Hardarshan Valia then shared a road map for addressing India's growing appetite for coal and coke. Ted Todoschuk presented on strategies to determine PCI efficiencies and technical insights into benchmarking injection against other blast furnaces.

A panel of Neil Bristow, Cam Howey, Tim Wojtowicz and David Ailor discussed future trends and the impact and direction for met coke markets. This session closed out the 19th edition of the Met Coke World Summit, highlighting the importance of preparing now while looking to the future.

"Met Coke is the only conference in our industry that so effectively blends market insight and technical outlook." Jellinbah Group