MetCoke 2018 Agenda | Day 1

Conference Day 1: November 7th

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  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Amy Szymanski, Conference Producer, Smithers Apex

Session I: Metallurgical Coal, Coke and Steel Market Dynamics and Global Expectations

Moderator: Dr. John F. Quanci, VP of Engineering and Technology, SunCoke Energy

In the opening session of our conference, leading industry experts share insights on the metallurgical coal, coke and steel industry market trends and global market outlook. Learn about U.S. market coke, coal, steel strategies for supply and demand initiatives, trade system dynamics and more within a developing regulatory backdrop

  1. Keynote: Market Overview and Factors for Global Economic Growth

    Alan Kestenbaum | Executive Chairman and CEO of Stelco Holdings Inc, & Bedrock Industries

    A market overview and focused conversation on fundamental business concepts to drive and sustain profitable growth and leadership initiatives to help shape business transformations in an evolving market.

    • Global trade outlook for growth
    • Access to capital to support strategic and organic growth
    • Supply side responses to changing landscape
  2. A Heated Market for Coke and Coking Coal

    Jim Truman | Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets of Wood Mackenzie, USA

    • The Chinese impact on seaborne traded coal prices and winter output restrictions
    • Expectations for global met coal trade
    • Changes in the US domestic coke and coking coal market due to tariffs
    • Domestic coal supply growth and capabilities
    • The near-term outlook for prices
  3. Trade System Platform Optimization for Supply Chain Solutions

    Matt Schicke | Chief Commercial Officer of Corsa Coal Corporation

    Best business model practices one can look forward to within existing trade systems to help reduce risk and increase returns. Topics to include production, trading & export sales, optimizing value added services, and strategic steps for financial risk framework in reference to China and Australia

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Session II: Global Supply and Demand Factors

Moderator: Wayne Harman, Division Manager, Solid Fuels Procurement, ArcelorMittal

Supply and demand is the core strategy for any market, time frame and market condition. Discover how major market forces will affect your products, services and financial bottom line during the short- and long- term fluctuations. Join us for a technical analysis of inventory levels, supply growth, value of different coals and index-based concepts.

  1. Steel Raw Materials Pricing & Index Development

    Hector Forster | Senior Editor Steel Raw Materials of S&P Global Platts, UK

    Overview of pricing trends, arbitrage and trade flows in key coking coal, PCI and coke markets. 

     Reference outlook in steel markets in the US and globally, and follow trends such as steel mill utilization rates and steel margins, to explain effect on demand and pricing for grades of coking coal, coke, iron ore, another steel raw material.

    • US and global coking coal pricing – export price trends by grade, US domestic update for 2019
    • Update on spot market indices and trade pricing structures
    • Colombian and Chinese met coke pricing trends and trade flow in the Atlantic and Asia/India
    • The outlook for global steel and iron ore markets and pricing -- How trade
    • and environmental policies in China, rest of the world is shaping demand and supply for steel raw materials
  2. Panel: Opportunities and Potential Threats in Coal and Coke

    Panelists include: S&P Global Platts, Hatch and DTE Energy Services

    Thought provoking discussions involving evolution of current US and global trends in coke and coal supply & demand, indexing, trading, and strategic innovations.

    • Hector Forster, EMEA, Americas Steel Raw Materials, Metal Analytics, S&P Global Platts 
    • Ian Cameron, Senior Director, Iron & Steel, Hatch
    • Mike Nobis, Director of Coal Trading, DTE Energy Services
  3. Lunch Break

Session III: Transportation & Logistical Evolutions

Moderator: Samuel Sheyn, Manager of Technology & Operations- Cokemaking, AK Steel

Travel with us as we explore the movement of coal, coke and steel. Examine external and internal challenges within the transportation sector affecting cost and freight performance. Factors such as current administration regulatory agency polices, U.S. economy conditions, environmental considerations and more. Learn about planning and routing solutions for time and cost savings guaranteeing increased ROI.

  1. Navigating challenges in the supply chain for operational success

    Michael Rhoads | Plant Manager, Mon Valley Works, Clairton of US Steel

    • Navigating seasonal, logistical and movement challenges to de-risk the coal supply chain 
    • Improving processes for immediate and future success
    • Working within transportation infrastructure for operational efficiency 
  2. Dry Bulk Market Review & Outlook

    John Keeshan | Senior Director Dry Bulk Chartering of Simpson Spence Young USA

    • 2018 to date analysis of trade disruptions and hamper recovery
    • Demand- side outlook- forecasts for renewed trade growth reliant on improved cargo availability
    • Supply- side outlook- how can IMO 2020 impact on carrying capacity?
  3. Are Freight Rails in the Post-Coal Age? If so, can they handle it?

    Anthony B. Hatch | President of ABH Consulting

    Economic operations, directions in rail, financial highlights, and industry news

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Session IV: Evolving Technological Advances to Meet Industry Standards

Moderator: Marcelo Andrade, Raw Material and Ironmaking Manager, ArcelorMittal

Discover technical developments available for improved operating capability while meeting optimal quality and environmental standards for enhanced product consistency and greater market value of blended coals leading to reduced transportation costs for coke producers and integrated steel production facilities.

  1. Innovations in Wash Plant Technology

    Bhaskar Kodukula, PhD | Scientist Iron Marking Raw Materials of ArcelorMittal USA

    State of the art coking coal washing solutions for pure marketable coal without changing its physical properties

  2. Stamp Charge Coke Quality and Oven Performance- Impact of Coal Blend and Carbonization Process Parameters

    Ashutosh Bhushan | Senior Manager, Coal & Coke Technology of Tata Steel Limited

    Discussion concentrated on the coal blend design of stamp charge batteries, its quality and impact on coke quality and oven performance as well as process affects. Includes the impact of Gooseneck based parameters, its development and impact on coke quality.

  3. Coke Oven Longevity Through Repair and Redesign

    Paul Saffrin | CEO of Vanocur Refractories LLC

    Leading expert in coke oven design, manufacturing and repair. Discuss “big block” technology & design solutions associated with installation.

  4. Blast Furnace Coke Rate Coefficients for Changes in Coke Properties

    Dr. Joseph J. Poveromo | President of Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting

    A market overview and future outlook of the metallurgical coal and steel industry landscape

    • Role of coke in the blast furnace process
    • Quantitative impact of changes in coke chemical, physical and metallurgical properties on
    • blast furnace coke rate
    • Effect of the above coke rate changes and other local conditions on blast furnace productivity
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