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2021 Tata Steel Interview

Ahead of Eurocoke Summit 2021, we spoken to Johan Van Boggelen, Technology Manager
HIsarna Pilot Plant at Tata Steel IJmuiden, to get a sneak preview of his presentatio
 on 'The steel industry in Europe on the crossroad to carbon lean production - status, intiatives
 and challenges'. 

Johan van Boggelen

Johan, could you please share with us a quick preview of what your presentation will cover at Eurocoke this October?

To meet the objectives to tackle climate change it is important that problems are not being solved in isolation but are considered as part of a much wider scope. Carbon lean or fossil free production of iron and steel will require the development of new technologies. 

These are not only technologies looking to replace fossil carbon, but also technologies to reduce the total energy consumption of the wider system. Circularity can play a major role in this, as the recovery of resources from waste and by-product streams is often much less energy intensive than making these materials from their primary ores. 

Also, when developing these new processes, it is important that these do not result in new significant waste streams for which there is no useful application. The embedding of circular solutions should be an integral part of the technology developments to tackle climate change, even if their economic viability has not been demonstrated yet.