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Optimising resilience in the European coke and coal supply chain
Challenges to ferrous raw material purchasing and pricing in a weak steel demand climate
Optimising Logistics and Transportation in the European Coke and Coal Supply Chain (tbc)
Panel Discussion
Siew Hua Seah, Senior Editor, Ferrous Markets, Argus Media
Himangshu Das, Co- Founder & Chief Data officer, Tathya.Earth 
Welcome drinks reception
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
SESSION 1 – Exploring global market trends, forecasts, and opportunities
in steel, coal, and coke
European steel market outlook
  • What awaits the European steel market?
  • What volume of production will local producers have?
  • How will consumption dynamics affect future prices and producer margins?

Stanislav Zinchenko | CEO, GMK Center
Keynote: Decarbonisation strategies in steel with special thrust to coke making
  • Decarbonisation goals become more challenging considering the aim to achieve 300MT production by 2030
  • Indian steel producers are aiming for net zero by 2050, surpassing the national target of 2070
  • Small improvements can significantly contribute to short-term decarbonization targets
  • Challenge is in understanding the importance of focusing on reducing carbon footprint through existing unit upgrades before adopting new technologies

Pushpa Ambrose | General Manager, Bhilai Steel Plant
Metallurgical coal: Navigating long-term trends and prospects
  • An exploration of some of the major supply, demand, and price trends we will see unfold over the next decades
  • What opportunities are there for met coal suppliers in the face of spreading decarbonisation?
  • Which factors pose the greatest risks to the outlook?

Chris Bandmann | Senior Analyst, Metallurgical Coal, Wood Mackenzie
Met coke outlook
Networking break
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Evolving coking coal market dynamics
  • Examining the evolving dynamics of the global metallurgical coal market amid geopolitical shifts and the transition to green steel
  • Assessing the implications of new met coke supply sources from regions like Indonesia and Colombia on trade dynamics and operational optimization for mills
  • Delving into niche markets such as anthracite and nut coke, alongside an analysis of the competitive landscape amidst dwindling project pipelines

Dr. James Stevenson | Executive Director, Research Lead, McCloskey by OPIS, a Dow Jones Company
A Presentation on Indian Steel Scenario, Policy Changes on Coal Utilisation, Impact on Imports
  • Unveiling the Steel Sector's Pivotal Role in India's Industrial Landscape
  • Exploring the Intricate Coal Dynamics Fueling the Steel Behemoth
  • Navigating Policy Shifts and Their Ripple Effects on Steelmaking Routes

Kapil Dhagat | Head of the Mining Division , Jindal Steel & Power Ltd
3,652 Days. Lessons learned in developing the world’s newest steelmaking coal complex
  • The unique approach adopted to ensure a rapid pathway through the approvals process
  • How ESG principles have been embedded into every aspect of the complex’s operations
  • What it takes to establish a new large scale steelmaking coal mine in 2024 – and why this may be the last

Barry Tudor | Chairman and CEO, Pembroke Resources
Colombian MetCokes for the world
  • Qualities of Colombian metallurgical coals. Colombia is the only country in Latin America with high, medium and low volatile metallurgical coals
  • The production capacity of Colombian metallurgical coke for export has grown more than 100% in recent years, guaranteeing a volume of more than 4 million tons
  • Colombia is one of the few countries in the world with significant reserves of low-phosphorus metallurgical coals that have allowed it to guarantee an export production of more than 1 million tons of reactive coke of ULP coke for the ferroalloy industry
  • Colombia has logistical capabilities for the efficient transportation and loading of export coke that guarantee the highest quality of the product, both to the Atlantic and Pacific markets

Carlos Cante | CEO, National Federation of Coal Producers (Fenalcarbon) Colombia
Networking lunch

SESSION 2 - Igniting innovation: Breakthrough technologies transforming coke production
Navigating uncertainty: Coke making equipment and technologies for global challenges
  • A retrospective of conditions of coke oven batteries across different regions
  • Short and Medium-Term Challenges in operation, reliability, and sustainability
  • Exploration of innovative coke oven machinery and technologies aimed at enhancing the performance of coke batteries. Focus on sustainability initiatives, reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency

Oana Niculita | Head of Sales and Marketing, John M Henderson
Through wall oven repair at coke battery #3 of ArcelorMittal Tubarão – Brazil
  • Explore the rejuvenation of ArcelorMittal Tubarão's Coke Battery #3, addressing the TWR "Through Wall Oven Repair" and the advantages over the EFR "End Flue Oven Repair";
  • Gain insights into the meticulous planning, execution, technical and safety challenges, and outcomes of the TWR "Through Wall Oven Repair"

Rodrigo Torres | Area Manager of Coke Batteries Preservation, ArcelorMittal Tubarão
The latest technology development of heat recovery coke oven in China
  • Implementation of heat recovery coke ovens in China: Environmental advantages and emission reduction strategies
  • Advancements in refractory design and materials: Enhancing battery lifespan and insulation for increased power generation
  • Efficiency improvements through temperature-based automatic control and tailor-made coke oven machinery: Streamlining operations and boosting power generation efficiency

Huang Yunlai | Marketing Director, Europe & America, ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation, MCC
Networking break
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Interest in Stamping Technology for Cokemaking is growing: Why?
  • Achieving good quality coke by charging coals with less favourable carbonization behaviour
  • Transitioning from Traditional to Stamp Charging Coke Oven Batteries
  • Unlocking Cost-Efficiency and Environmental Benefits with Stamp Charging Technology

Gabriel Korkmaz | Sales Manager, SMS group in Luxembourg
Development of waste plastics recycling process using coke oven
Best practices of maintenance & repair in tall stamp-charged coke oven batteries
  • Operational and maintenance challenges of tall stamp-charged coke oven batteries
  • Strategies for ensuring oven availability and quality coke production
  • Key considerations for compliance with environmental norms and fugitive emission regulations

Dipankar Banerjee | Business Unit Director, Iron & Steel, Cement & Non-Ferrous , Fosbel India Private Ltd
Closing day one panel discussion


Chris Bandmann, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie
Carlos Cante, CEO, National Federation of Coal Producers (Fenalcarbon) 
Rodrigo Torres da Costa Torres, Gerente de Área de Preservação de Vida Util das Baterias de Coque, ArcelorMittal Tubarão
K.G.Venkatesan, Managing Director of Fosbel India Pvt
Chair's summary and end of day one
Networking drinks reception sponsored by Xcoal

Drinks reception runs until 19:30
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
SESSION 3 – Improving the coke landscape: Sustainable pathways unveiled
Emission-free, sustainable coke oven plants - a contradiction?
Overview of environmental challenges in the coking industry
Harnessing innovation: Exploring desulfurization and wastewater treatment advancements.
Unveiling tomorrow's solutions: From CO2 scrubbing to tar separation, redefining environmental standards
Zeynep Aydin | Process Engineer, thyssenkrupp
Enrichment of coke oven gas into renewable hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions from industrial generating units
  • Utilizing renewable energy for hydrogen production
  • Reducing CO2 emissions through hydrogen blending with coke oven gas
  • Implementation doctorate project: Advancing decarbonisation in coke production

Mateusz Klejnowski | Head of Development Office at JSW KOKS S.A. and Implementation PhD Student at Silesian University of, .
Bio-coke - an important way for ferroalloys industry decarbonisation
Henrik Lund, ERAMET
Networking break
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SESSION 4 - Decarbonising steel: Evaluating current progress and cost implications
Global steel industry dynamics: Navigating through uncertainty .. where will the next decade take us?
  • Navigating uncertainties: Steel sector faces strategic challenges amid decarbonization push, from slowing demand to green transition complexities
  • Balancing act: Despite decelerating demand, ore-based metallics remain vital, driven by raw materials dynamics
  • Green solutions ahead: Maximizing scrap utilization crucial; H2-based steelmaking and green value chain economics pave the future path
Steven Vercammen, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Compan
Presentation tbc
Unveiling China's decarbonisation
  • Macro Economic issues on Beijing’s agenda
  • Can new advancements such as Electric Vehicles save Chinese economy and environment? 
  • Why decarbonization targets are hard to achieve from steel production perspective in China
  • Turkiye & Decarbonization targets

Gorkem Bolaca | CEO, Galex Steel International
Panel discussion - End user panel
Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology
Alessandro Sciamarelli, Director Market Analysis and Economic Studies, Eurofer
VB Garg, Liberty Steel 
Speaker tbc, SSAB
Pushpa Ambrose, General Manager, SAIL 
Networking lunch
SESSION 5 –Introduction to concepts for coke and coal substitution
Vaccum extrusion of finer fractions coal
  • Utilising vacuum extrusion for high-density coal products
  • Addressing safety concerns with dust explosions in metallurgical processing
  • Exploring vacuum extrusion's application across coal fractions
Jan Boehringer, Area Sales Manager International for Materials Processing, Haendle
Dag Sjöberg | CEO, Ferromax
The role of biocarbon in decarbonising the steel industry
  • No need for capital expenditure (capex) with biocarbon utilization.
  • Utilization of Ecoke briquetting technology to effectively integrate biocarbon into industrial processes.
  • Comprehensive coverage of biocarbon legality, certification, and sourcing regions.
Jason Sutton, CEO, Ecoke 
Closing panel with the advisory board
Frank Redemann, Head of Sales at thyssenkrupp Uhde
Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute of Energy and Fuel Processing Technology
Jorge Caldeira, Consultant at Coalbiz
Chris Bandmann, Senior Analyst, Metallurgical Coal at Wood Mackenzie
Oana Niculita, Head of Sales and Marketing at John M Henderson
Dr. Neil J. Bristow, Managing Director at H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia
Jan Soonius, Managing Director at HeatTeQ Refractory Services
End of conference

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