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Downloadable Presentations

The following presentations are currently available for download at the bottom of this page:

  • Peter Liszio, General Manager KBS Kokereibetriebsgesellschaft Schwelgern at thyssenkrupp, gave a presentation on  'Ammoniumhydrogencarbonate or "baking powder" by COG - A new by-product process of innovative COG-utlization' at Eurocoke Summit 2017. The presentation provides an introduction to this innovative process, as well as looking at coal, carbonisation and coke oven gas generation, coke oven gas purification, absorption and desorption processes, development of the new process, first results, future outlooks and more. 

  • Jim Truman, Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets at Wood Mackenzie gave a presentation on 'Metallurgical coal takes a turn' at Eurocoke 2016. The presentation covered factors that led to the recent price rise, mine cost reductions and outlook, global supply cuts, global demand and European coal demand and supply shifting.

  • Jeroen Vermeij, Director Market Analysis & Economic Studies at Eurofer, gave a detailed presentation on how Europe can succesfully compete with the world in the steel industry at Eurocoke 2016. The presentation delved into EU competitiveness in a challenging business environment, looking at diverging trends in EU steel customers, EU steel demand, trade distortion, opportunities in the EU steel sector moving forward and much more.

  • The Future of Mining and Minerals in China by Peter Arkell of Carrington Day. The presentations shares a view of the rise of coking coal in China and how it might provide a lesson for the future.

  •  Colombia: The Silent Coke Supplier - Juan Manuel Sanchez Vergara, C.I. Carbocoque S/A, Colombia

The Sounds of Coke, Coal and Steel

The Eurocoke Summit has always been about providing valuable information to those in the industry. Whether it is about coke supply, demand, pricing, coking coal requirements, coke oven operations, or technical insight, you will come away from this event knowing more than when you started - and having a balanced view of the key issues in the industry.

The below audio insights are available at the moment. You can download them at the bottom of this page.

Met Prices in 2016
In this clip, Ronan Murphy, Editor of Steel Raw Materials Europe of Argus summarizes some of the issues and updates for the met coke, coking coal and steel raw materials prices from the beginning of 2016.
Growth in India
In this clip, Atanu Mukherjee, President of Dastur Consulting, asks, "How do we optimize long-term growth?" At this moment in time, with India poised to become a driver of growth in coke and steel, there needs to be serious consideration of what lessons have been learned. Listen to hear Atanu's insight.
The Future of Mining and Minerals in China
Peter Arkell of Carrington Day and founding chairman of the Global Mining Association fo China, shares a view of the rise of coking coal in China and how it might provide a lesson for the future.
Managing Risk through Derivatives: Coking Coal Evolution or Revolution?
Jarek Mlodziejewski of The Steel Index , a unit of Platts discusses managing risk through derivatives, especially for producers and traders of coking coal and coke.