Xcoal Energy & Resources

MetCoke World Summit 2018

Xcoal Energy & Resources is a leading, worldwide supplier of metallurgical and thermal coals from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, China, and Mongolia. Xcoal supplies low volatile, mid volatile, high volatile, and semi-soft coking coals to steel customers throughout the world. Xcoal supplies high quality anthracite coal for use in metallurgical processing. As a global supplier of energy, Xcoal also provides thermal coal to electric utility and industrial customers.

Innovative logistical processes support Xcoal’s nearly 16 million metric tons of metallurgical and thermal coal exports; specifically, the internationally recognized ‘top off’ operation maximizes vessel efficiencies demonstrating the long term sustainability and competiveness of U.S.A. origin coals in the global market place.
Xcoal is an active investor and financial partner in coal mining and infrastructure projects around the world.