Blackhawk Mining

MetCoke World Summit 2018

Blackhawk Mining, LLC was founded in 2010 by Mitch Potter, a second-generation coal miner with over 30 years of industry experience.  Blackhawk’s first acquisition was the Spurlock Complex in Floyd County, Kentucky. In 2012 Blackhawk Mining acquired the Pine Branch Complex.  In 2014 Blackhawk acquired the ICG Hazard operations, followed later that year by the acquisition of Blue Diamond, Hampden and Triad Complexes, and the Logan & Kanawha international marketing group. Then in October 2015, Blackhawk Mining acquired all of the former Patriot metallurgical coal operations including Rocklick, Wells, Panther, Kanawha Eagle and Winchester, and the Paint Creek and Blue Creek thermal operations. These strategic acquisitions make Blackhawk the largest producer of high volatile metallurgical and PCI in the U.S.  Today Blackhawk Mining operates nine mining complexes across three states with approximately 2,800 employees and strives to be the safest, most productive, coal producer in the United States with a constant focus on environmental stewardship.