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Agenda schedule will take place in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).

Session I: Metallurgical Coal, Coke and Steel Market Dynamics and Global Expectations
Leading industry experts share insights on the metallurgical coal, coke and steel industry market trends and global market outlook and the impact of COVID19
Market Overview and Factors for Global Economic Growth
  • Access to capital to support strategic and organic growth
  • Global trade outlook for growth
  • Supply side responses to changing landscape
  • Impact of COVID – supply chain disruption

Dr. Joseph J Poveromo | Raw Materials & Ironmaking Global Consulting
How Well Can Metallurgical Coal Rebound From Q2 Struggles?
  • Impact of lockdowns on blast furnace and coal mines
  • 2020 coal supply changes by country
  • Potential Q4 market recovery and price outlook

Jim Truman | Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets, Wood Mackenzie, USA
Panel and Q&A: COVID19 Impact on entire supply chain
The COVID19 pandemic has caused major disruption to the coke and steel industry both domestically and globally. How has the supply chain been disrupted and what changes has this prompted? What challenges are currently facing the industry and what is being done to combat them and how does the industry move forward.

  • Dr. John Quanci, VP of Engineering and Technology, SunCoke
  • Jim Truman, Director, Global Metallurgical Coal Markets, Wood Mackenzie, USA
  • Mike Rhoads, Clariton Plant Manager, US Steel

PANEL and Q&A : Future Direction of MetCoke (Global Perspective) and Future of North America Coke Making
Where has COVID-19 left the metallurgical coke industry, and how can the supply chain come together to get ahead of challenges and discover opportunities? A global perspective on the future of the metallurgical coke industry