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Tata Steel Interview

Ahead of Eurocoke Summit 2019, we spoke to Johan Van Boggelen, Technology Manager - Hisarna Power Plant at Tata Steel IJmuiden, to get exclusive insights into the impact of cost effective CO2 reduction in the iron & steel industry.


Q. What are some key updates that you will include in your Keynote Address?

I will give an overview of Tata Steel’s strategy in IJmuiden to become a carbon neutral steelmaker by 2050 and will present the latest results of the HIsarna pilot plant trials.

Q. What is the impact of the cost effective CO2 reduction in the Iron & Steel Industry? And what is the role of new technologies on this?

Whichever way we look at it, the current technologies are not going to deliver the carbon reductions required to meet the targets of the Paris climate agreement. New technologies will play a major role in achieving this and will result in a significant change in the way the industry is operating.

Q. What do you see as the most significant shifts in coal, coke and steel in the short-and mid-terms?

In the short and medium term the most significant shifts will come from reducing the need for coal and coke through further process efficiency and process intensification, increased use of scrap and replacing coal based processes with relatively mature natural gas or electricity based processes where possible. Carbon capture technology, combined with usage or storage will almost certainly be required to meet the short and medium term CO2 targets.

Q. What are the main challenges for the global metallurgical industry to tackle climate change?

To achieve the targets in carbon reduction for the global metallurgical industry, not only will new technologies need to be developed and implemented at a global scale. These technologies will also need to be competitive in the short term without compromising aspects such as product quality or productivity.

Q. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend Eurocoke Summit 2019?

Eurocoke 2019 offers an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the field cokemaking, whilst also giving an outlook to the future where significant changes are to be expected as a result of actions to combat climate change.