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PROCOMCO Interview

Ahead of Eurocoke Summit 2019, we spoke to Ingomar Koehler, 2019 Advisory Board member and Consultant at PROCOMCO in Germany, to get his insights into the main challenges of working with different refractory materials in cokemaking, what he's most looking forward to at Eurocoke and more.

Q. You will be part of the Pre-Conference Workshop, Part 2 – could you please give us a quick sneak peak of what exactly you include in your talk?

The workshop will include a general overview of the refractory part of the coke oven from bottom to top. Beside the different refractory materials, which will be explained in details the very important coking pressure and its important impact to the oven walls is discussed. The bracing system, which keeps the brickwork together is another part of the presentation.

Q. What are the main challenges for working with different refractory materials in cokemaking?

The different refractory materials like silica, fireclay, high alumina are used depending on the local universal needs. The expensive silica material in needed in the high temperature areas like oven chamber and upper part of the regenerators and corbel area. Fireclay material, which is lower in costs like silica is used in the area for lower temperature, the lower part of the regenerators and in the oven roof. The high alumina material is used in areas with high mechanical impact like at the doors.

Q. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend Eurocoke Summit 2019?

Eurocoke in an annual convention with interesting papers for commercial as well as for technical attendees. Additionally it is a very important opportunity to meet people from other plants and locations for discussions and making new connections and warm up old ones.