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Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
The way of the European steel industry to climate neutral production and the impact on coke making
Session 1: Global and local views for the coke, steel and coal industries
Geopolitics: From trade wars to Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US called on to fill the gap
  • Is it time to consider a more sustainable diversification strategy, when sourcing coking coals?
  • It is time to view the US as a baseload supplier to the seaborne coking coal markets?
  • Why coke makers should have a favourable long-term outlook toward the US as a reliable counterparty of its needs
  • Transportation: What it will take for supply chain to ease logistics constraints for additional US exports
  • Supply base: Where investment is being made to sure up US coking coal supply

Jack Porco | Managing Partner, Oluma Resources
Met coke prices rally following war in Ukraine
Changing dynamics of the met coke markets and pricing in the Atlantic Basin
  • Current market trend
  • Production outlook for coal, coke
  • Steel output and forecast
  • Met coke price outlook

Ranjana von Wendland | Head of AT, Dow Jones
Networking break
Navigating met coal supply challenges
  • Recent met coal supply disruptions
  • Impact to trade flows and spot prices
  • Near term market expectations
  • Is this the new normal?

Siew Hua Seah | Global Editor, Argus Ferrous Markets, Argus Media Ltd
Panel session: What is the new normal for the coke and steel industry?
  • Jack Porco, Managing Partner, Oluma Resources
  • Devanshi Singh, Analyst - Met Coke and Coal, CRU
  • Ranjana von Wendland, Head of AT, Dow Jones
  • Siew Hua Seah, Global Editor, Argus Ferrous Markets
  • Chris Curzaa, Marketing Manager - Coal, Jellinbah Group Pty Ltd
Networking lunch
Session 2: The future of coke making
Case study
  • Introduction to Dexin Steel
  • Development of coal coking in Indonesia
  • Procurement of Dexin Steel

Wang Haichao | Fuel Procurement Supervisor, Dexin Steel Indonesia
Quality of assessment of metallurgical coke using distinctive optical characteristics
  • New approach to using automated coke petrography to predict quality
  • Anisotrophy of coke is unique to how the coke was formed and provides insight into its quality
  • Degree of crystallinity and grain dimensions are indicators of coke strength
  • Benchmarking blends and using this information for optimising coke blends, additives and biomass and carbons is enhanced
Joint presentation with Jackie Park, Research Engineer, Pearson Coal Petrography and
Rich Pearson | President, Pearson Coal Petrography
Networking break
It isn't easy being green: Raw materials re-imagined - the future of coke and coal in Europe
  • New furnaces, new steelmaking practices, new raw materials. Will coke be left out in the cold?
  • As European steelmaking moves away from the blast furnace, will coke be able to transition?
  • Can green be the new black for coke?

Becky E. Hites | President, Steel-Insights, LLC
An overview of the past, present and future of coke making in Japan
  • Development of coke making technology after World War II
  • Current standard of coke making technology
  • Future of coke making towards carbon neutral

Takayuki Suzuki | General Manager of Coke Plant Dept, Thyssenkrupp Uhde Japan
Q&A session
  • Wang Haichao, Dexin Steel
  • Rich Pearson, Pearson Coal Petrography
  • Becky E. Hites, Steel Insight
Networking drinks reception
Registration and welcome refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 3: Decarbonisation and clean energy - what the future will hold
Lower-emissions steelmaking and metals production
  • Impact of alternatives to met coke
  • Biofuels, gas and hydrogen injection
  • Emissions reductions possible
  • Charting progress on DRI
  • Lower emissions steel developments

Hector Forster | Senior Editor, Steel Raw Materials and Metals Analysis, S&P Global Platts
Longer term impacts to the global steel, met coal coke industries under an accelerated energy transition (AET) scenario
Carbonisation process - pathway towards decarbonisation of the steel industry
Joint presentation with Guilherme Gonçalves, Research and Development Coordinator, Tecnored and
Juliana Pohlmann | Research and Development Specialist, Tecnored
Networking break
Carbon2Chem® - a corss-sectoral approach
  • Motivation
  • Chemicals from steel mill gasses
  • Carbon2Chem® pilot plant
  • Methanol
  • Ammonia
  • System evaluation
  • Outlook

Dr. Olaf van Morstein | Senior Process Engineer, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions
The steel industry in Europe on the crossroad to carbon lean production; status, initiatives and challenges
Indian Steel Industry COP 26 and technological challenges for Indian steel industry in the coming two decades
Session 4: Coke plants - operations and technologies
Networking lunch
Patch to the future - about battery lifetime assessment and smart investments
  • Battery lifetime, health check, repair techniques
  • Smart patches, smart investment, low investment-high effectivity
  • Battery repairs, battery and machine condition monitoring

Pieter Claes | General Manager, SomiteC
Extending and preserving the life of existing coke oven batteries as a precondition for smooth transition to carbon free steel production
The upgrading and progress of China's coking industry under new industrial policies
Series of industrial policies have been introduced in recent years in China for sustainable development of the coking industry, including the total capacity reduction, larger coke oven orientation, ultra-low emission upgrading, low-carbon technical routes and intelligent & automation technologies. They have made the industry more environmentally-friendly and more sustainable
Huang Yunlai | Marketing Director, Europe & America, ACRE Coking & Refractory Engineering Consulting Corporation, MCC
Coke oven gas utilisation in industrial gas turbines: A robust, proven and cost-effective solutions for small to larger COG flows
Session 5: Future trends and looking ahead
Closing panel: Round up and thoughts for the future
  • Jorge Caldeira, Consultant, Coalbiz
  • Oana Niculita, Head of Sales and Marketing, John M Henderson
  • Anthony Knutson, Principal Analyst, Coal, Wood Mackenzie
  • Jan Soonius, Managing Director, HeatTeQ Refractory Services
  • Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal
End of conference
Tour of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe facilities in Duisburg
Pick up from Radisson Blu Conference Hotel
Reception at tkSE Visitor Center
Introduction to tkSE Visitor Center
  • Round show - video 15 mins
  • H2 in BF based hot metal production - 10 mins
  • Coke plant Schwelgern - video 15 mins
  • Safety rules - 10 mins
Handing out PPE
Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and jackets
Start bus tours
  • Bus tour 1: Coke plant - coal and coke R&D - Carbon2Chem
  • Bus tour 2: Carbon2Chem - coke plant - coal and coke R&D
Return to Visitor Center
Handing in PPE
End of visit, return on bus to hotel
Arrive back at Radisson Blu Conference Hotel

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