Testimonials from previous Eurocoke attendees

“Eurocoke is a good platform for business contacts in the coke making industry” – D. Brantjes, Tata Steel Europe

“For all who are interested in educating oneself, deepening knowledge, meeting with coal and coke friends and getting to know new interesting people from coke making” – Z. Kosnacova Machajova, U.S. Steel

“Bringing customers and suppliers together at the right time and in the right place” – J. Soonius, HeatTeQ

“Great networking in Dusseldorf” – S. Kallio, Anglo American

“Great opportunity to meet some of the major players of the coke world and feel the pulse of the market” – W. May, CRU Group

“It was very nice and valuable event as a coke making young engineer because I can meet abroad people related to coke” – H. Jeong, POSCO

“This conference is a great place to catch up with other professionals in the world of coke” – Jim Truman, Wood Mackenzie

“Good technical advice from seasoned professionals, their knowledge and insight is very valuable” – E. Zabroky, Minerales Y Carbones de Mexico

“The conference was very well curated, giving productive opportunities for all participants of coal, coke and steel industries. Hopefully the participants will soon be eager to utilize the resources provided, including excellent networking platform and contact info exchange” – K. Bezkrovna, Georgian American Alloys

“It is an event highlight beside other events every year” – I. Koehler, Procomco

“The event for me was an excellent opportunity to show our performance evolution for the world and talk about the most important things to all coke plants” – E. Soares, CSA

“Great opportunity to meet people strictly from the cokemaking branch” – T. Szeszko, JSW Koks SA

“The post-conference site visit to the ThyssenKrupp steel works/Schwelgern cokery was amazing!” – S. Doyle, BtuBaron

“Eurocoke provided a rare opportunity to explore the industry from the different angles of analytical, technical and market. It's tough to put these different perspectives into a program and to hold the interest of the delegates throughout. Eurocoke 2016 managed to pull it off.” – P. Arkell, Carrington Day

“Up to date information and audience from across the spectrum” – S. Putz, Enursan Ltd

“It was a very satisfactory experience to have the chance to exchange knowledge with colleagues involved in the coke world” – A. Borrego, INCAR-CSIC

“Very informative conference covering different perspectives of the market” – M. Wozniak, STRATEGIE GLOBALNE

“Good opportunities to meet people in coal supply chain” – T. Shikata, Mitsui & Co Europe Plc

“Excellent chance to obtain authoritative information” – V. Malyna, SE Giprokoks

“Great insights on developments in the world in the steel and coke area” – A. Mukherjee, Dastur

“Eurocoke 2016 was a good conference with interesting speakers.” – J. Halko, Teck Resources

“Despite tough market conditions, Eurocoke remained an excellent opportunity to discuss how the coke world is adapting to the ever changing market, from a price perspective and from an operators point of view. A wonderfully hosted event, in an exquisite city that made it a truly memorable conference.” – A. Hudson- Kirkham, CRU International