2019 Event Agenda

See what was presented and discussed at the 2019 Eurocoke Summit.

Site Visit


  1. A site visit tour - The Tata Steel Ijmuiden facilities in Amsterdam

    In addition to the exciting programme, we’ve also scheduled  an exclusive site visit to Tata Steel IJmuiden in Amsterdam. 

    Tata Steel is one of Europe's leading steel producers, with steelmaking in Port Talbot, Wales, andIJmuiden, Netherlands, as well as manufacturing plants across Europe.

    The agenda for this site visit include;

    08:15    Pickup visitors at Hotel Novotel to Tata Steel IJmuiden

    09:00    Reception in the foyer with coffee and tea

    09:15   Introduction by Tata Steel IJmuiden Video Steel (18 min)

    09:45   Aantrekken PPE

    10:00   Start bus tour with extra attention to Coke Plants

    10:30    Visit Continuous Caster

    11:00   Visit HIsarna

    11:30   Retour CCD

    11:45   Handing in PPE

    12:00   End of visit, pick up with the bus to hotel

    Ticket to attend the site visit is at an additional cost to your two-day conference pass, but promise to add invaluable insights to your Eurocoke experience!

    If you are interested to join us please register your details now via our website. 

Pre-conference workshop


  1. Welcome & Registration

  2. Part 1: “Blending for Coke-Making and PCI: An Alternative for Diversification”

    Jorge Caldeira | Consultant of Coalbiz, Brazil

    • From Coal to Coke: Coal Formation, rank and mechanisms of carbonization
    • Characterization (testing) of Coal and Coke
    • Blending Philosophies
    • The Role of Coke in the Blast Furnace and PCI
  3. Mid-afternoon Refreshments

  4. Part 2: “Different refractory materials, wall pressure and bracing system”

    Ingomar Köhler | Consultant of PROCOMCO, Germany

    • From concrete structure and pinion walls, refractory block and design, oven doors and u-gas piping, through reversing of the heating system and raw gas system
  5. Final of the pre-conference workshop

Day 1

Day 1 - WEDNESDAY 3 APRIL 2019

  1. Registration and Morning Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Jorge Caldeira | Consultant of Coalbiz, Brazil


  1. Opening Keynote Address: Technology Developments for a Low CO2 Steel Industry

    Johan Van Boggelen | Technology Manager HIsarna Pilot Plant of Tata Steel IJmuiden

  2. Metallurgical Coal Market Drivers and Status

    Jim Truman | Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets of Wood Mackenzie, USA

    • Impact of China winter environmental policies on coal demand
    • Issues with infrastructure on coal transport
    • Shifting trade patterns due to steel tariffs
    • Global outlook for coal demand and price trends
  3. An Update of the Canadian Metallurgical Coal Industry

    Kobie Koornhof | Coal Marketing and Quality Consultant of Kobie Koornhof Association Inc.

    • The role of major producers - tonnages, costs and issues
    • New projects - will they come to fruition?
    • Metcoal quality going forward
    • Impacts on the global and local markets
  4. Networking Break

  5. An Update on US Coking Coal Industry Status

    Frederick Cushmore | Vice President International Market of Corsa Coal

  6. Impact of Environmental Restrictions in China on Seaborne Metallurgical Coal Trade

    Jason Fannin | Senior Vice President - Metallurgical Sales of Contura Energy

    • Effects on coke production, pricing & import/export
    • Shifting balance between iron and steel production (BF v EAF usage)
  7. Demand Growth in India and South East Asia: How will it Impact the Global Demand Profile for Met Coal?

    Christopher Urzaa | Coal Marketing Manager of Jellinbah Group, Australia

    • Bankruptcy Outcomes for the Indian Steel Mills
    • Met Coal Demand Growth in India
    • Met Coal Demand Growth in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia
  8. Networking Lunch


  1. A Case Study: Blending Philosophy at Ternium to Reduce the Cost of Hot Metal

        This co-presentation will be featured by: 

    • Ana Patricia Jaccard, Senior Coal and Cokemaking Specialist, Sant Cruz plant, Ternium, Brazil
    • Andrés Jorge Aused, Senior Coal & Cokemaking Specialit, Siderar Plant, Ternium, Argentina
  2. Smart Solutions for Coke Machines

    Mathias Hoffmann | Assistant Vice-President, Head of Coke Oven Machines of Paul Wurth

    • How deep the solutions developed by Paul Wurth can transform the daily work, from maintenance to process management, by properly processing the available data
    • The age of digitization and industry 4.0 solutions for the modern coke making machines
  3. Effects of Mineral Type and Size on Coke Quality

    Jason Halko | Global Manager Technical Marketing of Teck Coal Limited

  4. Networking Break

  5. Coke Oven Diagnosis and Life Prolongation in POSCO

    WeonHui Lee | Senior Researcher, Ironmaking Research Group of POSCO

    • Evaluation and visualization of carbonization chamber damage by 3-D scanning investigation
    • Entire coke oven structure deformation assessment by measuring oven expansion rate
    • Reduction of coking pressure in large size coke oven(7.63m height) to prevent crack generation from excess pressure  
  6. Feasibility and Impact of Introducing Manless Coke Oven Machines

    Oana Niculita | Head of Sales and Marketing of JOHN M HENDERSON

    • The human aspect of cokemaking: Health and operational hazards, challenges, risks and concerns
    • Manless automation: Requirements and pre-requisites for implementing manless operation
    • Case studies: Implementation of manless automation projects on coke batteries in different parts of the world
    • Evaluation of the impact of manless automation on areas like: Manpower, production and productivity, energy savings and environmental effects


  1. The Future of Coal-Related Research in the EU in the Light of EU 2050 Policy Objectives

    Brian Ricketts | Secretary-General of EURACOAL aisbl (European Association for Coal and Lignite)

  2. A Green, Energy Efficient Process Management Platform for Coke Oven Batteries

    Maninder Singh | Managing Director of Lotus Wireless Technologies India Private Limited

    • Reducing emissions and pollution
    • Increasing gas utilization rate and saving energy
    • Improving coke quality steadily
    • Increasing safety Aspects of Battery operation
  3. Chair’s Closing Remarks

    Jan Soonius | Managing Director of HeatTeQ, The Netherlands

  4. Networking Drinks Reception Sponsored by Xcoal

  5. Final of Eurocoke Summit Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 - THURSDAY 4 APRIL 2019

  1. Registration and Morning Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Dr. Neil J. Bristow | Principal/Managing Consultant of H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

  3. A Keynote Address: Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’ in Coking Coal

    Jack Porco | President & Chief Commercial Officer of XCoal Energy & Resources, USA

    • Overview of drivers that lead to sustainably high coking coal prices
    • Potential for meaningful new supply to hit the market
    • Impact of trade wars on coal flows
    • Wild cards that could emerge in 2019


  1. Panel discussion: Logistics Issues to the Seaborne Coal Market

    Panel discussion: Logistics Issues to the Seaborne Coal Market

    This session will feature a short presentation per each panellist followed by a Q&A. Relevant aspects to be discussed include (but not limited);

    • Pricing and availability
    • Infrastructure
    • Logistics issues affecting the suppliers
    • Economics impacts of coal use in China

    Moderator: Dr. Neil J. Bristow, Principal/Managing Consultant, H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

    Panellists include;

    • Jason Fannin, Senior Vice-President, Contura Energy Inc., USA
    • Mark Bolton, General Manager Marketing, Jellinbah Group, Australia
    • Marcio H. Silva, Manager Procurement of Solid Fuels, Gerdau Steel, Brazil 


  1. Novel Plant Operations and Planning from JSw

    • General description of coke plant in JSW Dolvi/JSw group
    • Coal, coke, and steel planning in JSw/ Dolvi/Group as a whole  
    • Dissemination on the recently commissioned 6.25 Mtr tall Stamp Charged batteries
  2. Networking Break

  3. Stamped Charged Coke Oven Operations – Optimization & New Developments

    • Coal, Coke and Steel Outlook in India
    • General Description of  Tata Steel Jamshedpur’s Coke plant
    • Blast Furnace Coke Quality requirements and how do we reach the target coke quality
    • Coal quality and Coal Blends
    • Coke Plant operating parameters to achieve the target coke quality
    • Future plans to lower operating costs

    Our presenters include;

    Sudhanshu Kumar, Manager, Battery Maintenance and Operations, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, India

    Ajinkya Meshram, Researcher, Coal & Coke Technology, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, India


  1. Process Data Based Lifetime Assessment of Coke Oven Batteries

    Michael Neumann | Head of Coke Oven Plant Department of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany

    • Process Data Based Lifetime Assessment of Coke Oven Batteries
    • Standardized and holistic approach to determine the actual status of coke oven batteries
    • Strong focus on process data
    • Combination of process data with conventional inspections
    • Objective assessment to prognosticate necessary repairs or replacements
  2. ArcelorMittal Gijon – Project of Modernization of the Coke Plant

    Dr Frederic Honnart | Cokeplant Expert of ArcelorMittal CTO, France




  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Colombia: The Silent Coke Supplier

    Juan Manuel Sanchez Vergara | CEO of C.I. Carbocoque S/A, Colombia

  5. Challenges to 2030 – will there still be a need for coke in 2030?

    Dr. Neil J. Bristow | Principal/Managing Consultant of H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

    • Steelmaking in the next 10 years, will the EAF takeover?
    • Scrap – the coke killer?
    • Where will coke’s raw materials come from: coking coal to 2030
    • China and India in 2030 – a coking coal and coke vision
    • A world view of 2030, China, India and Africa?
  6. Panel discussion: Impact of Tariffs and Pricing on Market Fundamentals

    This session will feature a short presentation per each panellist followed by a Q&A.

    • What is the current situation and how it will change?
    • Pricing movements in Europe vs China: barriers and opportunities
    • Coke, coal and steel production in the USA, Europe and worldwide
    • Pricing forecast in the mid- and long-terms

    Panellists include;

    • Jordan Permain, Analyst, CRU, USA
    • Charles Dayton, Vice-President of Market Analytics, Doyle Trading Consultants, USA
    • Ellie Saklatvala, European Editor, Ferrous Markets, Argus Media, UK 
    • Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland
  7. Improving Environmental Performance across the Coal Value Chain: The Importance of a Responsible Coal Supply Chain

    Anne-Claire Howard | Executive Director of Bettercoal

    • Decarbonisation and focus on CO2 emission
    • Dangers linked to focusing on ending use of coal and end of coal-related financing
    • Importance of due diligence and responsible sourcing (OECD Guidelines, French Loi de Vigilance, UN Business Principles) and increasing requirements to demonstrate scrutiny on coal value chain
    • Improving the environmental performance across the coal value chain
    • Experience and conclusions following the assessment of over 20 coal mining companies across the globe including Poland / Indonesia / South Africa
  8. Wrap-up Panel with Members of the Advisory Committe

    Panellist: Advisery Board members

    Moderator: Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland

    • Ingomar Koehler, Consultant, PROCOMCO, Germany
    • Dr. Neil J. Bristow, Principal/Managing Consultant, H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia
    • Jorge Caldeira, Manager Technical Marketing, Jellinbah Group, Brazil
    • Oana Niculita, Head of Sales and Marketing, John Henderson Machines Ltd.,UK
    • Jim Truman, Principal Analyst Metallurgical Coal - Coal Markets Research, Wood Mackenzie, USA
    • Jan Soonius, Managing Director, HeatTeQ, Netherlands
  9. Chair’s Closing Remarks and Close of Eurocoke Summit 2019

    Jim Truman | Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets of Wood Mackenzie, USA

  10. Final of Eurocoke Summit Day 2