Mineral Products, Inc.

MetCoke World Summit 2018

Mineral Products, Inc. manufactures the MPI 6260 patent pending Active Track & Yard Cleaner with rubber tires, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and a friction drive hi-rail system. 

Ideal for Removing Spillage from Hot Car Tracks

Special features built into the 6260 make it ideal for cleaning your coking facility. Operating on tracks with its integral friction drive high-rail system, it easily removes coke and other types of debris or spillage from active tracks or rail yards

An Efficient Loader for Cleaning the Pusher Side of the Coke Oven

The 6260 also functions as a continuous loader, when operating on rubber tires. Spillage from the pusher side of the coking ovens or from stockpiles, can be loaded into trucks, rail cars or discharged to one side of the cleared area.

For additional information, please go to our website www.mineralproductsinc.com