Glidewell Specialties Foundry Company (GSF)

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Glidewell Specialties Foundry Company (GSF) is a supplier to coke plant and steel plant for machined assemblies, ready for install in your coke batteries and steel mill to keep them operating at high performance.

GSF has over 50 years’ experience and a large list of list of clients who value our ability to make custom component designs and assemblies.

We specialize in: Oven doors and jambs (coke side and pusher), Door Sills, Jamb Aprons, Door Hangers, Coke Flues, Charging Hole Lids, Goosenecks, Hot Blast Checker Support Stove Systems, Blast Furnace Staves, Cooling Bed Grids, Bell & Hopper Seat Rings, Standpipe Bases, Ascension Pipe Elbows, Diffuser Bases and many other parts used in Coke Plants and Steel Mills.

We know you depend on quality products that are at your production site on time and ready to install.  Rely on us to get the parts you need to your schedule.  Contact us to build your custom replacement parts.

John Hendrix, VP Sales & Technology; +1 (205) 668-1881 x3011
Mark Fields, Technical Sales Manager; +1 (937) 287-1845