FIB-Services International

Eurocoke Summit 2019 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

FIB-Services International (FIBS) is a member of FIBS' group of companies.

​Since 1987, FIBS is providing the industry with solutions for the hot repair of refractories, for the preventive maintenance and for the reduction of air emissions. 

FIBS' range of technologies for the maintenance of refractories at high temperature is called RPR (Reactive Projection Repair). These technologies are applied in many kinds of ovens, reactors, kilns and furnaces (coke ovens, glass furnaces, hot blast stoves, lime kilns, etc.).

It includes Ceramic Welding, Endoscopy at high temperature, Liquid Dusting, S-Bricks, Glass Coating and related equipment and materials. FIBS focus on high performing technologies, Research & Development (R&D), and continuous improvement.

Thanks to our close contact with the industry, to our experienced engineers and technicians, to our internal lab and pilot furnace, to our own production facilities, we are able to control our technologies from their early stage of testing to the final implementation.

FIBS as developed a strong network of reliable partners (certified refractory service companies) for the implementation of its technologies in coke ovens all over the world.

Coke plants on the 5 continents are using FIBS technologies with the highest level of satisfaction!