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Understanding and working together with nature! Cover your stockyard with a dome.

Advantages of the Dome:

  •          It solves your dust problems and keeps your raw material dry and ready for use.
  •          Wide list of dry bulk materials can be store and improves how you process raw materials.
  •          Our domes provide a clear storage span over 200m that enables you to optimise your stockyard, providing a storage capacity in excess of 730,000m3.
  •          Earthquake-proof design: The efficiency of our design is proven to withstand earthquakes.
  •          Proven zero or minimum-maintenance requirements in highly corrosive environments.
  •          life time fire stability ranging from 30 to 120 minutes
  •          The multiple handling solutions to boost your flexibility and production lean.
  •          Life-time structure: Our domes boast a life cycle in excess of 50 years, and optimize connections so that our domes can easily be relocated for further use.
  •          Simpler and faster foundations, avoiding expensive concrete works
  •          Faster assembly 


  • +41 61 826 86 86 or +41 61 826 86 41
  • Sisslerstrasse 15, 5074 Eiken, Switzerland
  • www.haring.ch