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2020 Speakers

Smithers and the organizing committee regret to inform you that Eurocoke Summit 2020 will be officially postponed until later this year.

We are currently working to confirm new dates in 2020 and will provide you with updated information as soon as it becomes available!

  • Jorge Caldeira

    Consultant Coalbiz, Brazil

    Jorge Caldeira has been actively involved in the ironmaking and ironmaking raw materials industries for 40 years. He is a graduated Metallurgical Engineering from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 1977 and got a Master´s degree in Coal Science at the Pennsylvania State University in the USA in 1981. Had an extension program with Professor Harry March at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK in 1985.

    As a professional, he worked for CSN- Brazilian National Steel Co. for 16 years (12 years at their R&D Centre leading coal & coke projects and 4 years as General Manager Coke Oven and By-Products operations as well as Head of the Central Laboratories.

    Since 1993, he has started his own consulting company – COALBIZ - and has rendered technical and commercial services to various coal suppliers from Australia, USA and  Canada and to end user from various countries such as Brazil, India, Vietnam and Thailand. For the last 24 years, he has also been with the Australian Jellinbah Group where he currently serves as their Manager Technical Marketing.

  • Mauricio Castro

    Chief Representative - Colombia Square Resources, Columbia

    Mr Castro has worked for over 10 years in the metallurgical coke and coal industry with experiences ranging from coke production to commodity trading. At Square, Mauricio is responsible for originating, marketing and selling Colombian metallurgical coal and coke.  Prior to Square he was Country Manager in Colombia for Trafigura and was in charge of sourcing coal from local suppliers right through to blending, transport and port logistics and ensuring quality control throughout the coal logistics chain. Mauricio has been involved in logistics projects in Colombia thru river and focus on improvement of logistic cycles at terminals. 

    Mauricio studied Business Administration and Marketing Specialization at EAFIT University, Medellín, Colombia.

  • Pieter Claes

    Head of Sales for Coke Oven Machines Paul Wurth

    Pieter Claes graduated in 2007 at the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg as Master of Science in Electro Mechanics He started in the coke oven business in 2012 as a Design Engineer at the German coke oven machinery supplier HuDe. Being nominated as Head of the Mechanical Design Department at the beginning of 2013 he gathered his technical experience with the design of the Coke Oven machines and during a wide range of site jobs where he was in charge of erection, commissioning and troubleshooting of Coke Oven Machines at various steel making plants all over the world.

    In 2017 Pieter was promoted to Head of the Sales & Projects department where his experience and technical background, along with his cooperative relationship developed in his earlier role, helped him to support coke making companies with the development of their coke making machinery. Improving coke making technology and accelerating new developments has been, and still is, one of Pieter’s main targets throughout his career.

    Pieter recently decided to join Paul Wurth, an established reference in the coke making industry. As the Head of Sales for Coke Oven Machines he will continue to use his expertise and enthusiasm in the interest of his customers and the coke making industry in general.

  • Dr. Ahmed S. Firoz

    Former Chief Economist Economic Research Unit, Ministry of Steel Government of India; Member Expert Group on Mines of Niti Aayog, India

    Dr. Ahmed Shah Firoz served as Chief Economist at the Economic Research Unit of the Ministry of Steel till recently, studied Economics in India’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, to acquire  is his Masters (MA) ,M.Phil. and Doctorate  (Ph.D.) degrees. He worked on the problems of disequilibrium states of the market specifically involving consumer behavior in shortage economies of the erstwhile USSR, Hungary and Poland. He also worked on the concepts of soft budget constraints in investment decisions in both centrally planned and market economies.

    He then moved on to study industrial development and growth and focused on metal and natural resource industries, including energy related products. He has been working for over 20 years on steel, aluminium, coal (coking and thermal) , metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, iron ore, etc. in both the Indian and global context. He worked for organizations such as Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices (BICP) and Observer India Ltd. In the early days of his career.

    As an independent consultant, during 2006-2009, he worked on several important research projects involving coal, iron ore, steel and oil with industry behemoths such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, POSCO, and the Aditya Birla Group

    Firoz is currently a member of the Expert Group in the government project  Mining 2035 undertaken under the auspices of Niti Aayog, the government’s most important think tank and policy driver. He is a Member of the Governing Body of Thought Arbitrage Research Institute ( TARI), a professional research body. He is also member of the Advisory and Governing Body of Steel User Federation of India ( SUFI). He continues to advise the government on various policy and strategic matters related to the iron and steel and coal and other related sectors. He is also seen as the architect of India’s  new steel policy.

    He is also a passionate photographer and has held several exhibitions of his fine art photographs in the top galleries in the country.

  • Maximilian Hoven

    Project Manager DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Maximilian Hoven is a project engineer at DMT GmbH & Co. KG in Essen, Germany. He is a part of the cokemaking service team and his role includes research and industrial projects.

    Maximilian Hoven graduated from the University of Aachen, with a bachelor degree in Mineral Resources Engineering and a master degree in Sustainable Energy Supply, with the focus of raw materials. Before he joined the DMT in 2017, he has worked as a freelance in a coal and cokemaking research laboratory for a German steel works.

  • Dongmin Jang

    Principal Researcher, PhD, Ironmaking and FINEX Research Group POSCO Research Laboratory, Korea

    Dongmin Jang is senior researcher in the POSCO Laboratory, Ironmaking & FINEX research group. He is in charge of coal petrographic analysis, coal blending technology, and is also involved in various other projects. In the process of coal pretreatment, he is involved in coal selective crushing to enhance coke quality and coal dual-fluidized bed drying process using oven stack waste gas.  He has also run projects involved in the coke quality enhancement additives such as coal tar, oil additive and coal extraction.

    Currently his research focuses on the utilization of low grade coal in relation to the coke qualities. The main target of research is selecting non-coking coal candidates by analyzing the coal petrology and coal pre-treatment to reduce adverse effect on coke quality.

    He completed his tertiary education at the University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

  • Mark A. Kirkbride

    CEO West Cumbria Mining Ltd, UK

    Mark has 25 years’ experience in the mining and civil engineering industries, primarily in underground construction and operations with Trafalgar House, Cementation Mining, Kvaerner and Skanska Construction.

    He has worked on a wide range of mine developments, operational mines, tunnelling and heavy civil engineering construction projects, from graduate engineer through to project director.

    His mining expertise includes deep shaft sinking, hard and soft rock tunnel developments (including coal, salt, potash, gold, platinum, lead/zinc and copper) and production operations. Specialist engineering work has included tunnel boring machines, tunnel refurbishment, sprayed concrete linings, hydroelectric schemes and deep geological disposal investigations.

    Mark has also held a series of leadership roles as a senior manager, director and CEO within a range of specialist businesses. These roles have incorporated strategic development, project financing, mergers/acquisitions and divestments.

    He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering and a Master of Philosophy in Geomechanics, both from Camborne School of Mines. He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a Chartered Engineer.

  • Ingomar Köhler

    Consultant PROCOMCO, Germany

    Ingomar Koehler is a former Senior Development Engineer with ThyssenKrupp. He is now retired and working in a consulting capacity with procomco. He has over 30 years experience in all areas of cokemaking including coal and coke analysis, design of charging coal blends, cokemaking technology/process engineering, commissioning of coke oven batteries, and research and development of new technologies for slot type and heat-recovery coke ovens and by-product plants.

    He performs plant inspections worldwide and elaborates feasibility studies whose findings and results are implemented in practice jointly with his customers. Ingomar Koehler is a pragmatist who managed to acquire experience and know-how in the fields of research and development and passes his wide-spread know-how of cokemaking in training courses as well as in seminars for plant management, operators, and young design engineers.

    • Germany
  • Dr.-Ing. Joanna Kühn-Gajdzik

    Senior Process Engineer - Coke Plant Technologies / Gas Cleaning ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany

    In 2004 Ms. Kühn-Gajdzik graduated Szczecin University of Technology in Poland, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and has received graduate engineer in materials science. In 2010 she graduated University of Kassel in Germany, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In 2012 she has received Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. In 2010 Ms. Kühn-Gajdzik joined the company ThyssenKrupp Industrials Solutions in the coke plant technology department.

  • Peter Liszio

    Senior Division Manager OU/Hot Metal/Coking Plant ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Germany

    Mr Liszio became the General Manager of Kokereibetriebsgesellschaft Schwelgern (KBS), Coking Plant Schwelgern in 2003 and has been in his current role since mid-2019. He began his distinguished career at Thyssen Stahl AG in 1990 where he has had a variety of management roles in coke production as well as a job-rotation role managing production and maintenance at Blast Furnace Plant Hamborn.

    Peter is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of German Cokemaking Foundation, is Lead-Engineer and Organiser of the International Cokemaking seminar in cooperation with SteelAcademy of VDEh and has recently become a member of the China Coking Industry Association. 

  • Jeffery Lu

    Managing Editor, Metallurgical Coal & Coke S&P Global Platts, Singapore

    Jeffery Lu is S&P Global Platts Managing Editor, Metallurgical Coal, based in Singapore. Jeffery has been in the international commodity business for more than 10 years and has hands-on experience with building supply and demand models, analyzing trade flows as well as producing price forecasts. Before starting his career in the metals business, Jeffery spent the past decade in agriculture as research analyst with some time spent as a trader, for some of the largest commodity firms globally including Noble Group, Czarnikow Group and RCMA Group. Jeffery has a master’s degree in intercultural business communication.

  • Oana Niculita

    Head of Sales and Marketing John M Henderson, UK

    Oana Niculita is the Head of Sales and Marketing of John M Henderson, the Scottish engineering company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Coke Oven Machinery.

    Oana has been working in the coke making industry for more than a decade and has had the opportunity of visiting many Coke Making plants in the world, witnessing firsthand the technical and operational challenges of the coke making operators worldwide. Oana’s main interests lie in the environmental and technological aspects of the coke-making, with special focus on developing technological solutions for improving the quality of the air and life for people working and living near the coke batteries.

    Oana is a Chartered Manager and a member of the Coke Oven Managers Association in the UK, as well as a regular speaker at coke making congresses worldwide. Professional qualifications include an Honours degree in Business Administration, Masters Degree in Economics from the Universities of Freiburg, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal and a PhD in development with the University of Dundee, Scotland. She has worked as a business consultant for major multinational companies and has published a number of books and papers in the areas of strategic marketing.



  • David Pearson

    CEO & Founder Pearson Coal Petrography Inc, Canada

    Dave Pearson has worked in the coal and cokemaking industry in Canada for over 40 years. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wales, and in 1981, he founded a global coal and coke petrography business in Victoria, British Columbia, of which he is currently emeritus CEO.

    Since 2011, his research interests have been in the optical analysis of metallurgical coke.

  • Martin Pei

    Executive Vice President and CTO SSAB AB; Chairman of Board, Hybrit Development AB, Sweden

    Martin Pei has been a member of the Group Executive Committee at SSAB since 2007 and joined the company in 2001. His previous roles included Head of Business Area APAC; EVP and Technical Director; Manager R&D Department, and General Manager, Slab Production: SSAB Plate.

  • Larry Runner

    Vice President Technical Marketing Arch Coal, Inc, USA

    Larry joined Arch in 2004 and during his tenure has held various roles in both the production and commercial sides of the company .   Larry currently holds the position of Vice President Technical Marketing where his focus is the on the metallurgical coal segment and quality where he works closely with the mining operations, marketing and customers.  

    Larry is a registered Professional Engineer and holds a B.S. in Mining Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Charleston. 


  • Huub Schulte

    Works Engineer Coke and Gas Plants Tata Steel Europe, Netherlands

    Huub Schulte is currently Works Engineer at the Coke and Gas plants at Tata Steel in Ijmuiden. In this role he is responsible for maintenance and engineering at these plants. He also manages the investment program aimed at life time extension of the Coke Batteries in IJmuiden. This program involves through wall and end flue repairs in an operating plant using techniques ranging from classical brick to modular cast block build.

    Huub has a broad experience in the steelmaking industry. He has worked with Tata in several roles for over 25 years, both in the Netherlands and in the UK.

  • Alessandro Sciamarelli

    Senior Economic Analysis Manager European Steel Association (EUROFER)

    Alessandro Sciamarelli holds the position of Senior Economic Analysis Manager at the European Steel Association (EUROFER) based in Brussels, where he carries out economic research and analysis linked to the steel sector. Prior to joining EUROFER he has held for over ten years equivalent positions at other Brussels-based European Associations (namely in the residential mortgage sector and the cement sector) and, before that, he has worked for the Economic Studies Office of a leading cement and construction group in Rome and for the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht. He holds a PhD in Economics (1999) and a Degree in Political Science (1995) from the University of Pisa, Italy.

  • Aleksander Sobolewski

    Director Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland

    In 1986 he graduated Faculty of Technology and Chemical Engineering of the Silesian Technical University - Gliwice (Poland) and obtained Ph. D. at the same University in 1993. The main interest of his research works include coke making technology and thermal processing of solid fuels and wastes.

    At present he is Director of the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. He is a member of Polish Standardisation Commission, expert of Polish Ecological Chamber and member of European Coke Committee.

    His is an author of more then 100 scientific and technical papers and 10 patents.

    • Poland
  • Mykhailo Soloviov

    Deputy Chief Engineer Giprokoks, Ukraine

    Mykhailo Soloviov has been with the GIPROKOKS Institute Since October 2017. Prior to that he worked at the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Plant overseeing the reconstruction of the blast furnace complex No. 1, and also spent many years in senior production, technical and operational roles at the Alchevsk Coke Oven and By-product Recovery Plant (including the stamped charged 10-bis coke oven complex) Mr Soloviov has a degree Chemical Technology of Fuel and Carbon Materials from the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute National Technical University (Kharkov), a degree in Enterprise Economics and Foreign Economic Affairs Management from the Donbass State Technical University, and in 2009 he was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology. He is the author of many publications and scientific studies.

  • Jan Soonius

    Managing Director HeatTeQ, The Netherlands

    Jan Soonius is the Managing Director of HeaTeQ, where he is active in Engineering, Project/Site Management & Construction Projects in Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous, Aluminum & other Heavy Industries.

    Key Activity is Refractory Installation Work. Soonius has been with in this position since May of 2009.

    Prior to joining HeaTeQ, Jan was a member of the Lizmontages Group and both Project manager and managing Director for Prison Refractories. Soonius began his career with 23 years of service as Construction manager at Hoogovens/Corus, where he built his expertise in Refractory Engineering & Construction of Blast Furnaces, Hot Blast Stoves and Coke Batteries.

    • Netherlands
  • Viktor Stiskala

    Head of Technology Coal & Coke Sr. Manager Competence Center Metallurgy ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Germany

    Viktor Stískala has been involved in coal and cokemaking industry for more than 30 years. He is currently leading the Coal and Coke Technology department in Competence Center Metallurgy of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe. He is responsible for coal and coke research, selection of metallurgical coal and coal blend design for Schwelgern coke plant. Before joining thyssenkrupp in 2012 he worked as R&D Coal and Coke Cluster leader and Program coordinator in Arcelor Mittal and was managing ArcelorMittal Corporate Coke Lab in the Czech Republic. Over his career in the Czech Republic he served in two election periods as President of the Czech Cokemaking Society and was also national representative in European Coke Committee. He has been awarded 2017 Annual Prize of the Czech Cokemaking Society for his technical contributions in the field of coke making.

    • Germany
  • Jim Truman

    Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets Wood Mackenzie, USA

    Jim Truman is the Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets with Wood Mackenzie. He is a geologist by training, having attended West Virginia University and the University of South Carolina. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, he worked for a number of major coal companies and has specialized in the evaluation of the Central Appalachian coal industry. He now focuses on trends in global metallurgical coal trade.

  • Evgenii Volkov

    Leading Expert, Ironmaking PAO Severstal, Russia

    Mr Volkov has worked in the metallurgical industry for over 16 years. In his current position he is responsible for improving production technologies and developing and implementing innovative technologies. Notable achievements in blast furnace performance indicators for the period 2016 to 2018 include reducing specific consumption of metallurgical coke by 4.4% or 17.8 kg / THM; and reducing output of blast furnace slag by 3.4% or by 8.8 kg / THM.

    Mr Volkov is also the author of 5 patents of the Russian Federation in the field of ferrous metallurgy and more than 15 scientific articles.