2019 Speakers

The experts who are currently confirmed to speak at the event include:

  • Charles Dayton

    Vice-President of Market Analytics Doyle Trading Consultants

    Charles Dayton joined DTC in 2016 as Vice President of Market Analytics.  Previously, he spent six years with Arch Coal, working in a variety of senior market research roles within Arch’s Analysis and Strategy group and ultimately as the head of investor relations going into and through Arch’s restructuring.  Prior to Arch he spent a few years in various financial analysis roles at Edward Jones.  Starting out his career he was an army officer, serving two combat tours in Iraq leading infantry units in frontline combat roles.  Charles brings extensive coal industry knowledge and modeling experience to DTC.  He graduated with honors from the College of William and Mary with a degree in History and has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a Masters of Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

    • USA
  • Mark Bolton

    General Manager Marketing Jellinbah Group

    Mark Bolton is the General Manager-Marketing at the Jellinbah Group and has twenty-five years of bulk commodity marketing and supply chain experience. 

    Building on his formative years in industrial minerals, mineral concentrates and refined base metals, Mark has focused the past 11 years of his career in senior marketing roles in the Queensland metallurgical and thermal coal industries.  Passionate about marketing value maximisation through optimisation of the coal chain, Mark brings a wealth of current operational insight from the perspective of a 15 Mtpa private and independent metallurgical coal producer operating across multiple coal export chains in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

    • Australia
  • Dr. Neil J. Bristow

    Principal/Managing Consultant H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

    Dr. Bristow has been actively involved in the steel and steelmaking raw materials industries for over 22 years. During this time, he has led numerous investigations in coal and iron ore technical and market research, minerals strategy development, and market planning for BHP’s coal business, and was Chief Analyst for BHP Billiton’s Carbon Steel Materials Group, leading the Market Intelligence Group in Singapore.

    His key expertise in steel, metallurgical coal, iron ore, and manganese ore and ferroalloys, coupled with strategic vision and long term analysis on future directions in emerging markets, saw him as an early proponent of the rebirth of the global steel industry, the rise of China and of coal’s growth story, together with a strong belief in China’s emergence as a major seaborne metallurgical coal importer. He has been a strong advocate for India’s growing coal demand.

    In April 2009, he formed H&W Worldwide Consulting, putting his strong market analysis and strategy skills to good use across bulk commodities, including iron ore and coal –for both coking and thermal.

    As an internationally recognized expert in areas of steel and steelmaking raw materials, long term trends and scenarios, he has written and presented numerous publications at highly respected international conferences and meetings.

    • Australia
  • Jorge Caldeira

    Consultant Coalbiz, Brazil

    Jorge Caldeira has been actively involved in the ironmaking and ironmaking raw materials industries for 40 years. He is a graduated Metallurgical Engineering from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 1977 and got a Master´s degree in Coal Science at the Pennsylvania State University in the USA in 1981. Had an extension program with Professor Harry March at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK in 1985.

    As a professional, he worked for CSN- Brazilian National Steel Co. for 16 years (12 years at their R&D Centre leading coal & coke projects and 4 years as General Manager Coke Oven and By-Products operations as well as Head of the Central Laboratories.

    Since 1993, he has started his own consulting company – COALBIZ - and has rendered technical and commercial services to various coal suppliers from Australia, USA and  Canada and to end user from various countries such as Brazil, India, Vietnam and Thailand. For the last 24 years, he has also been with the Australian Jellinbah Group where he currently serves as their Manager Technical Marketing.

  • Frederick Cushmore

    Vice President International Market Corsa Coal

    Born in New York city and educated in the US Northeast as well as schooling in Germany and an MBA from the American Graduate School of Int’l Management in Arizona.

    Fred Cushmore has been working in the coal and carbon industry for 30 years.

    He has established and built origination, sales and trading models in metallurgical, thermal and stoker coals and along the way with metallurgical coke and petroleum cokes

    After initial years in Freight Forwarding and paper trading, the coal career started with positions with Ruhrkohle Trading in New York, Duesseldorf and Sydney.


    Thereafter, there were several years helping rebuild Oxbow in West Palm Beach before moving on to positions with AMCI, Trafigura and consultancy roles.

    For the last three years, the role has been that of building an export business and trading platform for Corsa Coal as its VP, Head of Int’l Sales.

    Currently lives in Connecticut and Florida when not traveling overseas or at company operations in Pennsylvania.

    Married with two grown sons.

    Hobbies include golf, reading, traveling and more golf.


    • USA
  • Jason Fannin

    Senior Vice President - Metallurgical Sales Contura Energy

    coming soon

    • USA
  • Jason Halko

    Global Manager Technical Marketing Teck Coal Limited

    Jason has worked at Teck Coal Limited and its predecessor companies for over 20 years.   He spent 12 years working in geology, primarily at the Line Creek mine near Sparwood, BC.  He then transferred to the Logistics department where he worked for 4 years.  In 2013 he accepted a position in the Technical Marketing group and has been working out of the corporate office in Calgary for the past 4 years.  Jason received a Bachelor of Science degree (Co-op) from the University of Lethbridge

  • Mathias Hoffmann

    Assistant Vice-President, Head of Coke Oven Machines Paul Wurth

    Mr Hoffmann has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Université de Technologie Compiègne, France

    Professional Career: 

    08/2001 - current date: Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg

    • 05/2018 - current date: Assistant Vice-President, Head of Coke making machines department, Business unit Coke making - Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg
    • 01/2014 - 04/2018: Head of Agglomeration, Business unit Agglomeration and Environmental Technologies - Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg
    • 01/2010 - 12/2013: Senior Project Manager, Ironmaking operations department - Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg
    • 11/2002 - 12/2009: Project Manager - Paul Wurth International S.A., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    • 08/2001 - 10/2002: Project Engineer, R&D Dept. - Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg

    Relevant Experience include:

    Sinter plant #2 at Bhushan Power and Steel (India): overall project manager, coordination of engineering, fabrication, erection and commissioning of the new greenfield sinterplant – 2014 to 2017

    Blast furnace #1 at Gunung Steel (Indonesia): overall project manager, coordination of engineering and equipment supply of the new blast furnace – 2011 to 2013

    Hot metal charging for Dragon Steel (Taiwan): overall project manager, coordination of engineering, fabrication, erection and commissioning of the brownfield hotmetal charging into EAF plant 1 - 2008

    PRIMUSTM plant for Dragon Steel (Taiwan) – project manager of local portion, coordination of engineering, project execution, erection and commissioning of the EAF dust recycling facility – 2005 to 2010

    Blast furnace #2 Reline at China Steel Corporation (Taiwan) – project manager of local portion, coordination of engineering, project execution, erection and commissioning of the revamp of BF2 – 2004 to 2006

    HAL-T Project for POSCO Pohang (Korea): overall project manager, coordination of engineering, fabrication, erection and commissioning – 2003 to 2005

    Mini Inba System for Korea Zinc (Korea): project manager, coordination of engineering, fabrication, erection and commissioning – 2003

    Some publications include:

    China International Coking Congress 2018: Environmental protection through coke oven machines technology. Norbert Fiedler, Mathias Hoffmann, Alessandro Molinaro

    MMMM New Delhi 2016: Reduced Sinter Production Cost-Mechanical and Process Solutions. Mathias Hoffmann, Rohit Sinha, Manoranjan Ram

    ECIC Duesseldorf 2016: Technologies for Improvement of Sinter Plants. Mathias Hoffmann, Gilles Kass, Gilles Nouaille Degorce, Thomas Schwalm, Andrej Schulakow Klass.


    • Germany
  • Dr Frederic Honnart

    Cokeplant Expert ArcelorMittal CTO, France

    Dr. Frederic Honnart graduated from Chemical Engineering School of Lille (ENSCL -France) and University of Lille. He then started in 1985 at the merchant coke plant of Sluiskil in charge successively of Process, coal blend design and preparation, environmental and byproduct  upgrade projects. In 1994 Dr Honnart was supporting the U3 project at the coke plant of Dunkerque and in 1996 took the position of coal & coke section manager, dealing with the stoppage of the batteries- group U1 & U2, the support of the project and startup of the waste water treatment plant, Claus plant & battery 7. In 1998, he was appointed process section manager and lead user of projects, working on the carbon deposition problem of the battery 6 with the support of operation & maintenance team, project department and R&D +  CPM. In 2007, he moved to  ArcelorMittal CTO Corporate as coke plant expert of the Group. Building a large experience on coke oven battery service life, by product, quality, health & safety, environment, R&D and management of coke plant, is giving support and training to the more than 20 coke plants of ArcelorMittal. Improving the reliability, pushing on time, maintaining the assets in order to get endless life of Coke Plant is a must today in a difficult and unstable economical time where the capital investments are scarce and raw material market plus quality is so volatile.  His experience shows obviously that, it can only succeed if the personel of the coke plant is trained and supported to lead inspections, audits, problem solving and consistent corrective action plans. Dr Honnart is presently supporting the coke plant team & engineering department for the important project of the new Gijon coke plant. He got the great opportunity to train and see the growth of the young generation of coke plant leaders.

  • Anne-Claire Howard

    Executive Director Bettercoal

    Anne-Claire has over 15 years’ experience in raw materials (mining, oil and gas) sustainability, good governance and responsible supply chains having held positions with Royal Dutch Shell, Eurasia Group, the International Finance Corporation. Her career has focused on ensuring that, through sustained stakeholder interaction, commercial business imperatives are not impacted by regulatory, political, environmental and social risks. She was involved in the successful delivery of high value projects in mining, oil and gas through sustainable supply chain activities, local economic development, political, social and environmental risk assessments, governance capacity building and non-technical risk management in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

    She joined Bettercoal as Executive Director in January 2017, growing the initiative to include more coal mining companies as well as more Members.

    • United Kingdom
  • Ana Patricia Jaccard

    Senior Coal and Cokemaking Specialist, Sant Cruz plant Ternium

    Ms Jaccard received a Bachelor´s degree in chemical engineering from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Brazil, in 2003, and just started a Master´s degree, in 2019, in the departament of materials engineering and chemical and metallurgical processes at Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

    She has worked at Compahia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN-Brazilian National Steel Company), Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico (CSA-thyssenkrupp Steel Americas Unit) and currently works at Ternium Brazil, after the Techint Group completed the acquisition of CSA in 2017.

    Over these 15 years working for integrated steel companies, she focused her career on metallurgical coke production technologies and processes, quality management of raw materials (reducers) and Quality Management System (QMS).


    • Brazil
  • Ingomar Köhler

    Consultant PROCOMCO, Germany

    Ingomar Koehler is a former Senior Development Engineer with ThyssenKrupp. He is now retired and working in a consulting capacity with procomco. He has over 30 years experience in all areas of cokemaking including coal and coke analysis, design of charging coal blends, cokemaking technology/process engineering, commissioning of coke oven batteries, and research and development of new technologies for slot type and heat-recovery coke ovens and by-product plants.

    He performs plant inspections worldwide and elaborates feasibility studies whose findings and results are implemented in practice jointly with his customers. Ingomar Koehler is a pragmatist who managed to acquire experience and know-how in the fields of research and development and passes his wide-spread know-how of cokemaking in training courses as well as in seminars for plant management, operators, and young design engineers.

    • Germany
  • Kobie Koornhof

    Coal Marketing and Quality Consultant Kobie Koornhof Association Inc.

    Kobie is a consultant on coal quality and market dynamics, having provided quality assessment, market positioning and price analysis on numerous metcoal properties in Canada, Australia, the US and South Africa.

    Trained as a Coal Exploration Geologist, he was introduced to the international scene through the marketing of thermal coal with Anglo Coal in South Africa from 1981 to 1987.

    Over the last 25 years, Kobie has been active in metallurgical coal from all three western Canadian supply regions - Alberta, southeast BC and northeast BC.

    He has the dubious distinction of having sold coking coal at less than $29 per tonne, but is quick to add that he has also sold coal in excess of $300 per tonne. He was once described by a Japanese trading company as “a gentle man, but a tough negotiator”.

    Note: the following covers all the countries where I have marketed and sold coal, but spin this as you see fit, whether mentioning continents, or just “most corners of the world”. 

    Japan/Korea/Taiwan/China/ India

    Brazil/Chile /Argentina

    United Kingdom/ Switzerland/ France/ Sweden / Finland / Denmark / Ukraine / Belgium / Spain / Germany/ Italy /Netherlands/ Turkey

    Israel/ Egypt / Zimbabwe

    • Canada
  • Sudhanshu Kumar

    Manager, Battery Maintenance and Operations Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

    Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar joined Tata Steel as trade apprentice after completing his I. Sc. from KMPM college, Jamshedpur in 1989. He worked in Electrical operation mills in power systems till 1997 and completed his diploma in Electrical Engineering in the year 1998. He then joined Battery #8&9 operations at Coke Plant. Mr. Sudhanshu was promoted as an assistant manager in Aug 2010 in Battery #10&11 operations. He is currently appointed as a manager in Battery maintenance and operation area.


    • India
  • WeonHui Lee

    Senior Researcher, Ironmaking Research Group POSCO

    WeonHui Lee is currently a senior researcher of ironmaking research group at POSCO, South Korea.

    Before joining POSCO in 2015, he recieved his Ph. D. in 2015 at Ferrous technology department, POSTECH, South Korea after recieving BS in 2009 at materials science and engineering, POSTECH. He studied pore structure formation under the rapid heating conditions of non- or slightly coking coals which are mainly used for cokemaking and POSCO FINEX process.

    He now focuses on the development of coke oven diagnosis method and tools prior to the rebuilding and revamping of coke ovens at POSCO. He also has worked with the development of high strength coal briquette as a reductant for FINEX process which is the unique ironmaking process developed by POSCO.

    • Korea (Democratic Republic of)
  • Marcio Henrique da Silva

    Solid Fuels Comercial Manager Gerdau Steel

    Mr da Silva is a professional with a degree in Business Administration, a MBA in Business and 16 years of experience in procurement for the steel industry, leading teams for solid fuels, chartering, direct, indirect and professional services purchasing.

    • Brazil
  • Ajinkya Meshram

    Researcher, Coal & Coke Technology Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

    Mr. Ajinkya Meshram completed his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2015. After completing his degree he joined Tata Steel in the year 2015 in coal and coke making research group as a Researcher. Post joining Tata Steel, Ajinkya has been working on the coke making area in various problems such as plant optimisation, coal cake stability, coal crushing and development of lab/pilot test equipment.

    • India
  • Michael Neumann

    Head of Coke Oven Plant Department thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany

    Michael Neumann is currently Deputy Head of Coke Oven Department, Coke Plant Technologies at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG. 

    His past experience:

    • 2005 / Graduated as Civil Engineer at the RWTH in Aachen
    • 2005 / Joined Coke Plant Technologies at thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (former Uhde GmbH)
    • 2007 to 2012 Lead Engineer for various Coke Plant Projects (e.g. Hyundai Steel, Posco Gwangyang, Dragon Steel)
    • 2012 / Head of Civil & Steel Structure Group Coke Plant Plant Technologies
    • 2016 / Head of Proposal Management
    • 2017 / Deputy Head of Coke Oven Department
    • 2018, March / Head of Coke Oven Department
  • Oana Niculita

    Head of Sales and Marketing JOHN M HENDERSON

    Oana Niculita is the Head of Sales and Marketing of John M Henderson, the Scottish engineering company, one of the world’s leading suppliers of Coke Oven Machinery.

    Oana has been working in the coke making industry for more than a decade and has had the opportunity of visiting many Coke Making plants in the world, witnessing firsthand the technical and operational challenges of the coke making operators worldwide. Oana’s main interests lie in the environmental and technological aspects of the coke-making, with special focus on developing technological solutions for improving the quality of the air and life for people working and living near the coke batteries.

    Oana is a Chartered Manager and a member of the Coke Oven Managers Association in the UK, as well as a regular speaker at coke making congresses worldwide. Professional qualifications include an Honours degree in Business Administration, Masters Degree in Economics from the Universities of Freiburg, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal and a PhD in development with the University of Dundee, Scotland. She has worked as a business consultant for major multinational companies and has published a number of books and papers in the areas of strategic marketing.



  • Jordan Permain

    Analyst - Metallurgical Coke CRU Group

    My professional experience lies in market research and analysis, consulting, price forecasting and strategy development in the metals and mining sectors at an international commodities trading house, a global consultancy firm and a multinational investment group. Born and raised in Perth, Australia, I am now based in London and have travelled to the USA, Holland and Finland to speak at conferences and present to clients. My education includes receiving a full scholarship from the Japanese Government to study an MBA in Japan, where I achieved the highest GPA of the graduating class. As part of this course I studied specialized units on renewable energy in Italy. I have Japanese language skills which I have frequently used in business. 

  • Jack Porco

    President & Chief Commercial Officer XCoal Energy & Resources, USA

    Jack Porco has served as President and Chief Commercial Officer of Xcoal Energy & Resources since September of 2009. Prior to joining Xcoal, Jack was with Alpha Natural Resources from September 2006, where he held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Alpha Natural Resources and President of Alpha Coal Sales Co., LLC.   

    Jack began his career in the coal industry with CONSOL Energy in 1974, holding a number of financial and marketing positions before joining AMCI as Vice President in 1996.  

    Jack received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Robert Morris University and a Masters in International Business from Point Park University. 

  • Brian Ricketts

    Secretary-General EURACOAL aisbl (European Association for Coal and Lignite)

    Mr Ricketts is Secretary-General of EURACOAL – the European Association for Coal and Lignite, a position he has held since August 2010. Prior to joining EURACOAL, Mr Ricketts was with the International Energy Agency, which he joined in 2005 as a coal analyst in the Energy Diversification Division of the Energy Markets and Security Directorate, later spending time in China in 2007/2008 to author the IEA’s “Cleaner Coal in China” publication. 

    His time at the IEA was preceded by UK Coal which he joined In 1997as a project engineer working on a new integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC); this included political lobbying. This followed a position at Alstom, which he joined in 1987 and where he was responsible for dynamic modelling of power systems. Mr Ricketts is a chartered mechanical engineer and holds an MBA from the Open University.

    • Belgium
  • Ellie Saklatvala

    Argus Media European Editor, Ferrous Markets

    Ellie is the European editor for Argus’ ferrous raw materials coverage. Based in London, she overseas price assessments and analysis for the Atlantic coking coal, met coke and iron ore markets, working closely with Argus’ global ferrous team which is also spread across offices in Singapore, China, the US, Russia and Australia.

    Ellie has been with Argus for 5 years, initially joining as a thermal coal reporter and then as deputy editor for steel coverage. Prior to Argus, she got her degree at Cambridge University and began her career in conference production at Euromoney.

    • United Kingdom
  • Juan Manuel Sanchez Vergara

    CEO C.I. Carbocoque S/A, Colombia

    Civil Engineer with post graduate specialization in Mining Projects, Negotiation and International Business Relations with over 25 year of experience in the coal industry. Is the president of FENALCARBON, Federacion Nacional de Productores de Carbon de Colombia; and the CEO of C.I. Carbocoque S.A. Worked as Counseling Minister of the Colombian Embassy in Argentina between 1999 and 2002, also served as charge d’affaires, running the Colombian embassy during 2002.Governor pro-term of the Atlantico province during 1997 and Chief of Staff and Private Secretary of the Governor of the Atlantico Province between 1998-1999. Has been a professor of Business Negotiation in the graduate program of Finance in the University of Rosario in Bogota and Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla.

    • Colombia
  • Maninder Singh

    Managing Director Lotus Wireless Technologies India Private Limited

    Maninder Singh is Managing Director of Lotus Wireless Technologies India Private Ltd, An Indian Industrial Automation Technology Company into Design, Engineering, Manufacturing of Products and Solutions. His role with Lotus Wireless is to drive the organization to Create Industry 4.0 Business Solutions and to become a Prominent Technology contributor in the International Coke Making Industry by 2022.

    With Over 20 years of his experience in the Steel industry, he acquired extensive experience in International Steel Making technologies through opportunities of visiting many Steel Plants and Coke Making countries in the world.

    His Professional qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Communication and an entrepreneurial experience since 1992.

    • India
  • Aleksander Sobolewski

    Director Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland

    In 1986 he graduated Faculty of Technology and Chemical Engineering of the Silesian Technical University - Gliwice (Poland) and obtained Ph. D. at the same University in 1993. The main interest of his research works include coke making technology and thermal processing of solid fuels and wastes.

    At present he is Director of the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. He is a member of Polish Standardisation Commission, expert of Polish Ecological Chamber and member of European Coke Committee.

    His is an author of more then 100 scientific and technical papers and 10 patents.

    • Poland
  • Jan Soonius

    Managing Director HeatTeQ, The Netherlands

    Jan Soonius is the Managing Director of HeaTeQ, where he is active in Engineering, Project/Site Management & Construction Projects in Iron & Steel, Non-Ferrous, Aluminum & other Heavy Industries.

    Key Activity is Refractory Installation Work. Soonius has been with in this position since May of 2009.

    Prior to joining HeaTeQ, Jan was a member of the Lizmontages Group and both Project manager and managing Director for Prison Refractories. Soonius began his career with 23 years of service as Construction manager at Hoogovens/Corus, where he built his expertise in Refractory Engineering & Construction of Blast Furnaces, Hot Blast Stoves and Coke Batteries.

    • Netherlands
  • Jim Truman

    Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets Wood Mackenzie, USA

    Jim Truman is the Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets with Wood Mackenzie. He is a geologist by training, having attended West Virginia University and the University of South Carolina. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, he worked for a number of major coal companies and has specialized in the evaluation of the Central Appalachian coal industry. He now focuses on trends in global metallurgical coal trade.

  • Christopher Urzaa

    Coal Marketing Manager Jellinbah Group, Australia

    Chris Urzaa is a Coal Marketing Manager for the Jellinbah Group.  At sales of approximately 14Mtpa, the Jellinbah Group is the 4th largest metallurgical coal producer in the seaborne market, and produces hard coking coal and PCI from the Lake Vermont and Jellinbah mines.  Chris has primary responsibility for the Indian, South American, South East Asian and European markets as well as Korea and Taiwan.

    Chris has more than 20 years experience working in the coal sector both in site based roles across Australia and Indonesia, and then in commercial roles in coal marketing, consulting and business development.  Prior to Jellinbah, Chris was the Director of Commercial Services at HDR|Salva, consulting to clients on the status of the global metallurgical and thermal coal markets in terms of supply, demand, costs, logistics and quality.  Prior to HDR|Salva, Chris worked for Ausenco, Vale, AMCI, BMA, Leightons Asia, Thiess and Fuchs.  

  • Johan Van Boggelen

    Technology Manager HIsarna Pilot Plant Tata Steel IJmuiden

    Mr Van Boggelen graduated from Delft University of Technology (NL) with an MSc in Materials Science. He started work at the Teesside Technology Centre (UK) research laboratories of Tata Steel and its predecessors, first as a researcher, later as Knowledge Group Leader. The main topics of this knowledge group were BOF steelmaking and ladle metallurgy. He started at HIsarna as a shift manager for the first four test campaigns. He became Operations Manager for the 5th test campaign. With the transition of HIsarna from R&D facility to pilot production facility, he took on the role of Technology Manger for the HIsarna pilot plant.

    • Netherlands