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Event Overview

The global coke, coal and steel industry has faced many challenges due to declining demand for steel, geopolitical tensions, environmental regulations, high interest rates, currency fluctuations, and a troubled Chinese real estate sector. Some of these are structural changes, such as the shift from China to India as the main driver of growth; And unpredictable factors, such as trade disputes and wars, that create volatility. Moreover, the industry must meet the rising expectations of decarbonizing in line with the global goals of reducing carbon emissions. As the center of future coke and steal industry, we believe Asiacoke will be a great and valuable platform for the whole supply chain.

The conference will feature expert speakers who will address the challenges facing the industry and cover key topics such as Asia & global supply and demand factors, emerging market in SEA, transportation, cost management, regulatory policies, producer strategies, technological innovations, and a look at the future. It will provide an opportunity for innovation and new professional connections. Don’t miss this chance to network, educate, and discuss key global economic initiatives for increased success and profitability.