Tuesday, 14 April, 2015

Our first full day of the Eurocoke Summit...

Conference Day 1

Session I: A Global Financial Vision | Supply & Demand Market Drivers

Join the world’s foremost market analysts as they conduct an open, honest dialogue on factors impacting the entire industry. Speakers will not only share their updated forecasts and outlook, but also debate the relative importance to weigh on various business drivers. Steel, Coke, Coking Coal and all related markets will be dissected.


Session Moderated by:  Mike Barkdoll, VP, Forest Vue Research LLC

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  2. Welcome and Conference Information

  3. Opening Keynote: A Competitive Application of Biomass and Plastic Chars for the Iron-making Process in the Future

    Irshad Mansuri | Research Assistant of Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT), University of New South Wales

    • The significant increase in steel consumption and production is expected to drive a significant increase in the industry's absolute energy use and CO2 emissions.
    • Adopting new technologies into real industries will be inevitable to the industry's climate change mitigation strategies for the mid and long term.
    • Raw materials availability is critical factor to determine sustainability of the new technology in the industries.
    • Recycling of biomass and plastics currently either varied in the ground or incinerated can be an excellence promising feedstocks for alternative char with conventional coke in the industries.
  4. Metallurgical Coke Market Dynamics in the EU – A focus on steel drivers

    Ing. Jeroen Vermeij | Director, Market Analysis and Economic Studies of EUROFER

  5. Networking Break

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  6. Metallurgical Coke Market Dynamics – A focus on coking coal supply

    Matthew Warder | Senior Analyst - Iron Ore & Steel Costs of Wood Mackenzie

  7. Metallurgical Coke Market Dynamics – A focus on coke trade and import/exports

    Ben Orhan | Research Analyst of CRU Group

  8. Networking Luncheon

Session II: Bridging the Gap Between Pure and Applied Research

The World’s foremost researchers present critical R&D sure to have longstanding impact on the industry. Learn how new research is changing how we understand material properties, and what emerging theories must be taken into account when determining industrial applications and establishing effective corporate operations.


Session Moderated by:  Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland

  1. Coal Blending for Metallurgical Cokemaking

    Dr. Ruth Poultney, BSc (Hons), MSc, DPhil (Oxon) | Principal Scientist, Coal & Coke of The Materials Processing Institute (MPI)

    • Why blend?
    • The importance of good blend preparation
    • Issues with blending techniques
  2. Microtextures of Coke

    David Pearson | Founder & CEO of Pearson Coal Petrography, Inc.

    • Microscopic views and stitched images of coke textures – showing the influence of different ranks & types of coal
    • What have we learned from these textures?
    • Anisotropy Quotient and the rank of feed coals
    • Classification of global cokes by microscopy
    • Changes in coke in the blast furnace from Feed to Tuyere
  3. Environmental Protection as a Driving Force for Cokemaking Technology Improvement

    Aleksander Sobolewski | Director of Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal

    • BAT Conclusions - a background for technology improvement
    • How the most effective decrease the air emission?
    • COPDIMO - new software for ambient air quality control
    • Coke oven battery non stack emission monitoring - is it possible?
  4. Networking break

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Session III: Stressors to the Industry

The focus of this session is to examine major stress points on the industry, and particularly how environmental forces, cost management, trade factors, pricing, imports and the political landscape are still causing major shifts in resource allocation now and for the future.


Session Moderated by:  Dr. Neil J. Bristow, Principal/Managing Consultant, H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd

  1. Working Safely with PAH, That is Possible!

    Chris Rijbroek | Manager Health & Safety of Tata Steel

    • It is possible to work safely on the coke-ovens, even with the latest Occupational Exposure Limits
    • Controlling the PAH emissions is challenging and therefor additional technical and health controls are necessary to provide the workforce a safe working environment.
    • To provide evidence that the workforce is safe air monitoring and bio monitoring is performed
    • Although safe levels of exposure are maintained, it seems to be a continues struggle to improve the heavy environment of a coke plant
  2. Exploring Macro Stressors in the Transportation & Logistics Sector (Seaborne, River Barge, Rail)

    Chris Welsh | Secretary-General of Global Shippers' Forum

  3. Coking Coal Derivatives Roundtable Panel Discussion

    • Broker Perspective: Mark Richardson, Managing Director, SSY Futures Ltd, UK (Moderator)
    • FOB Australia Indices: Tim Hard, Director, The Steel Index (TSI), Singapore
    • Platts Global Met Coal Indices - Physical Market Usage: Hector Forster, Team Leader, Steel Raw Materials, Platts
    • Trading Perspective: Phillip Killicoat, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs
  4. Networking Social Reception

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