2016 Event Agenda

The Eurocoke Advisory Board worked hard to craft an agenda that was both entertaining and informational, and provided a deep dive into market drivers and technical advances affecting the coke, coal and steel industries.

Monday 25 April

Pre-Conference Networking Opportunities in Barcelona

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Tuesday 26 April

Global Forecasts | Supply & Demand Market Drivers

Join the world’s foremost market analysts as they conduct an open, honest dialogue on factors impacting the entire industry. Speakers will not only share their updated forecasts and outlook, but also debate the relative importance to weigh on various business drivers. Steel, Coke, Coking Coal and all related markets will be dissected. A robust panel discussion will follow with analysts debating future opportunities and challenges.

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    Patrick Britton | Conference Producer of Smithers

  3. Opening Keynote: How Europe Can Compete with the World in Steel

    Ing. Jeroen Vermeij | Director, Market Analysis and Economic Studies of EUROFER

    With the world steel market dominated by Chinese production, the end of a major growth cycle in the industry and questions around vulnerable emerging economies, the question about whether or not Europe can compete with the world in steel is raised. Hear from Eurofer on the path for Europe to compete going forward.

    With a background in mechanical engineering, Jeroein Vermeij has spent most of his career in economic and steel market analysis. Since 2007, he has worked at EUROFER, the European Steel Association.

  4. Metallurgical Coal Trade Prospects

    Jim Truman | Principal Analyst Metallurgical Coal - Coal Markets Research of Wood Mackenzie

    Long-term market expectations are the only ones that provide much of a bright spot for the met coal trade. Hear about global demand, the impact China and India will have on the market and prospects for the future.

    Jim Truman is the Principal Analyst for Metallurgical Coal with Wood Mackenzie. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, he worked for a number of major coal companies and has specialized in the evaluation of the Central Appalachian coal industry. He now focuses on trends in global metallurgical coal trade.

  5. Chinese Met Coke: Exports, Imports, and Challenges to Producers?

    Alistair Hudson-Kirkham | Research Analyst of CRU International Ltd.

    China remains the elephant in the room, so to speak, for the coke, coal and steel industries.  In this talkhear the research and current state of the Chinese steel industry - and its impact on coal and coke demand, cost competitiveness of metallurgical coke producers globally and CRU’s view of Chinese metallurgical coke production costs and exports levels over the next five years.

    Alistair joined CRU in April 2015 as a Research Analyst in the Steel Raw Materials team.  He leads CRU's coverage of the metallurgical coke market, whilst also being responsible for the iron ore supply-side research for Europe and the CIS.  Alistair studied at the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London.

  6. Networking Break

    Paul Wurth

  7. Global Outlook for Met Coal, Met Coke and Future Prospects

    Ronan Murphy | Editor of Argus

    What is the current status for the met coal and met coke markets? A look at prices tells the story of the industry over the past five years - but where might prices go in the near and long-term future? Gain insight into the global outlook for prices as they influence the coke industry. Expect insight on China, Russia, Europe and other parts of the world as shifting fundamentals impact these markets. 

    Ronan Murphy is an assistant editor at Argus Media, covering steel feedstocks and implications throughout the commodities markets.  

  8. Managing Risk in Met Coal: Fear or Opportunity for Commoditisation

    Jarek Mlodziejewski | Analyst of The Steel Index

    The commodity markets continue to struggle, with low oil prices joining low coal, met coal, iron ore, copper, aluminium and almost every other raw material. With iron ore paving the way for steel, coking coal and scrap, ferrous derivatives are a financial instrument to help manage and control risk. Learn how the metallurgical coal market is evolving and hear a view that commoditisation is no cause for alarm. 

  9. Forecasting the Future: Roundtable Discussion

    Vermiej, Truman, Hudson-Kirkham, Murphy, Mlodziejewski

    This roundtable discussion will attempt to address various forecasts and compare how the future looks. 

    Panelists will field questions from the moderator, as well as from the audience. 

    Moderated By: Neil Bristow and Ingomar Koehler

    Jeroen Vermiej, Director, Market Analysis and Economic Studies, Eurofer

    Jim Truman, Director – Global Metallurgical Coal Markets, Wood Mackenzie

    Alistair Hudson-Kirkham, Research Analyst – Steel Raw Materials, CRU 

    Ronan Murphy, Assistant Editor, Argus Media

    Jarek Mlodziejewski, Analys, The Steel Index

  10. Networking Luncheon

Bridging the Gap Between Pure and Applied Research

The World’s foremost researchers present critical research and development sure to have longstanding impact on the industry. Learn how new research is changing how we understand material properties, and what emerging theories must be taken into account when determining industrial applications and establishing effective corporate operations.

  1. Sustaining Operating Battery Life

    Cam Howey | Global Manager Technical Marketing of Teck Coal Limited

    Hear strategies and insight focused on methods to extend the life of operating batteries, including stretching lifetime with pad up rebuilds.  The discussion will include capital limitations and the drive for blends with lower reflectance and higher contraction. Expect a valuable technical discussion on an important piece of the coke industry.

    Cam Howey is Teck Coal’s Global Manager of Technical Marketing. Cam is responsible for a small team of managers who provide technical marketing advice and guidance to customers around the world and a team that monitors quality and develops new products to meet custom needs. He has been involved in the steel industry for over thirty years holding senior technical positions at Stelco, U.S. Steel Canada and Hatch before joining Teck Coal in 2012.

  2. Emissions Readiness and Innovation at Coking Plants

    Aleksander Sobolewski | Director of Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal

    One of the most important issues facing European cokemakers relates to emissions related to industrial activities and the readiness for BAT conclusions implementation. This presentation will cover technical, financial and legal aspects of this readiness and implementation. 

    Aleksander Sobolewski is Director of the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. He is a member of Polish Standardisation Commission, expert of Polish Ecological Chamber and member of European Coke Committee. His is an author of more than 100 scientific and technical papers and 10 patents.

  3. Coke Oven Gas Utilisation for Power Generation

    Dieter Machowski | CEO of Delop Consulting

    One of the innovations being utilized to address carbon emissions concerns involves coke oven gas utilisation.  With business partners MWM and Caterpillar gas engines, we focus on the operation of the cogeneration installation in coke plant NOVA in Częstochowa (PL) - and using coke oven gas. 

  4. Networking Break

    Paul Wurth

  5. Coal Charging, Coke Transfer and Innovation: A Case Study

    Giovanni Siri & Michela Bernardi | Paul Wurth

    Representing a new benchmark for the competitive Japanese market, Paul Wurth and the Japanese joint-venture PW-IHI are supplying and erecting two new coke oven machines. Innovation in this market represents a synthesis of modern technology and well-established procedures to ensure that these tailor-made machines deliver on the successes of long-established coke batteries.  Gain insight on how the process worked and what to expect from Paul Wurth’s new machines. 

  6. Bringing Research from Idea to Application: Research Roundtable

    Howey, Gordon,

    Taking research from the world of theoretical to the world of practical is a worthwhile undertaking. These panelists will discuss the process and reality of taking that work from experimental stages to valuable and scalable processes.


  7. Networking Social Reception

Wednesday 27 April

Industry Stressors and Responses: Focus on Sustainability

The focus of this session is to examine major stress points on the industry – especially about
how environmental forces and sustainability issues shape the resource allocation and
opportunities for growth now and in the future.

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  2. Welcome and Conference Information

    Patrick Britton, Conference Director, Smithers Apex

  3. Providing a Framework to Deploy Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage in Europe

    Jonas Helseth | Director of Bellona Europe

    Following COP21, CCUS in Europe and beyond will continue to be critical to
    successful operations. Having the necessary financial and commercial framework,
    as well as policy conditions, will be integral to success going forward. What will the
    future of carbon capture and storage mean for the coke, coal and steel industry?

    Jonas Helseth is the Director of Bellona Europa, the EU policy office of the Bellona Foundation, and leads the foundation’s work on CCS. He holds several leadership positions within the EU Technology Platform for CCS (Zero Emissions Platform, ZEP), chairing the Taskforces for Policy & Regulation and Bio-CCS respectively.

  4. Feedstock Recycling of Waste in Cokemaking

    María Antonia Diez | Research Scientist of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the National Coal Institute (INCAR)

    Producing metallurgical coke from steelmaking waste or low cost fillers, such as coal from stockyard cleaning, can help reduce the cost of purchase coke without sacrificing quality. Waste from steelmaking can be manufactured to produce briquettes for use in coke ovens. This partial briquetting can enable coke to be produced according to the specific requirements of blast furnace. Learn more about this and other ways to enhance sustainability in the coke and steel industries.

    As a leading authority in coke and coal research in Spain, Maria Antonia Diaz conducts research focused on organic wastes in cokemaking. The Instituto Nacional del Carbon (INCAR) is a public research center integrated into chemical science and technology.  

  5. Reducing Energy Consumption in Blast Furnaces Using Ferro-Coke Briquettes

    Dr. Angeles Borrego, Research Scientist, CSIC/INCAR

    Ferro-Coke briquettes are an innovative process to reduce energy consumption through the reduction of the temperature of reserve zone and CO2 emissions in blast furnaces. These briquettes can be a highly profitable way of carbon containing wastes recycling and provide a green way to move the industry forward. 

  6. Networking Break

  7. Exploring the Industry in Depth: Stress Points and Solutions

    Diez, Borrego, Helseth, Sobolewski

    The industry is experiencing stress across a number of fronts, from raw materials provision to survival, from climate issues to waste. Solutions are available and are being implemented across the industry. Join our panel to discuss issues and solutions. 

Regional Highlights

Each year, we take a deeper dive into the technology, economics, prospects, new
developments, research and other updates on a select number of regional projects. Many of
these projects represent top technological developments and achievements in cutting cost
of production and operations, and give attendees unfiltered access to emerging solutions
provided in the marketplace.

  1. Keynote: Steel, Coke and Coal Powering India’s Future

    Atanu Mukherjee | President of Dastur Business and Technology Consulting

    India, already one of the largest producers of steel, is expected to be one of the fastest growing steel users in coming years.  Economic factors in India foretell an economy that looks poised for rapid acceleration and increasing steel demand and use. Over time, will India eclipse China for biggest coke appetite – and who will supply that demand.

    Contrast this growth with a world focus on sustainability and carbon capture. How to address these two apparently conflicting desires? Hear from a leading global consulting organization on how India can address the future. 


    Atanu Mukherjee is President of Dastur Business and Technology Consulting, a division of MN Dastur & Company. Dastur Business and Technology  focuses on innovation and efficiencies to help improve the operations and success of some of the largest steel, power and mining organizations in India. Dastur works with companies such as Arcelor Mittal, SAIL, Jindal, Tata and more. 

  2. Satisfying India's Growing Appetite for Coking Coal and Coke

    Dr. Hardarshan S. Valia | President of Coal Science Inc.

    In this presentation, Dr. Hardarshan Valia will describe a roadmap to meet India’s growing demand for coking coal and coke and the ways to realize the Indian Government’s much touted motto “Make in India.”  This will include leaps and bounds for steel, especially considering what path coking coal and coke should follow. Other issues explored will be “The Japan Syndrome Model for India” and the opening of new frontiers. Finally, Dr. Valia will explore ways for India to realize the goal of “Make in India” and the export of value-added products from India.

    Dr. Hardarshan Valia has 22 years of experience as a scientist for at Inland Steel, and is currently the President of the independent consultancy group Coal Science, Inc. Dr. Valia has published more than 85 scientific articles and various book chapters and papers, and is a contributor to American Iron and Steel Institute’s web site. He has been honored by the Iron & Steel Society, the American Iron & Steel Institute, the AIST Joseph Kapitan Award, and the CCSD/CSIRO, Australia. 

  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Evaluation Method and Application of High Reactivity Coke

    Hu Desheng | Chief Researcher of Baosteel Group

    Baosteel is one of the largest steel companies in the world, and the largest in China. What happens in the Chinese steel industry impacts the world and we are privileged to welcome Hu Desheng to share insight on some of the latest technology informing the work at Baosteel.  

    As chief researcher and professor at Baosteel Group, Hu Desheng plays a critical role in the development and implementation of technology for one of the world’s largest steelmakers.  Hu Desheng has conducted work on coal petrography, high value added utilization of coal fines, and much more. 

  5. Conference Closing Remarks

  6. The Future of Mining and Minerals in China

    Peter Arkell | Managing Director of Carrington Day

    The Chinese minerals commodities market has been a juggernaut since emergence in the mid-2000’s. Over time, the juggernaut has begun to settle into a traditional market with China being both seller and buyer, as well as an investor, in various commodities. As the met coal and met coke markets continue to struggle, what will happen with mining in China is an important question. 

    Peter Arkell is the Managing Director of Carrington Day, a consulting company based in China that assists international companies in operating effectively in China. Formerly Managing Director Asia with Swann Global, Peter continues to work in Shanghai and he is founding Chairman of the Global Mining Association of China, the peak body representing the international mining community in China. He also founded and is the Chairman of the Oriental Mining Club.

    The Chinese minerals commodities market has been a juggernaut since emergence in the mid-2000’s. Over time, the juggernaut has begun to settle into a traditional market with China being both seller and buyer, as well as an investor, in various commodities. As the met coal and met coke markets continue to struggle, what will happen with mining in China is an important question. 

    Peter Arkell is the Managing Director of Carrington Day, a consulting company based in China that assists international companies in operating effectively in China. Formerly Managing Director Asia with Swann Global, Peter continues to work in Shanghai and he is founding Chairman of the Global Mining Association of China, the peak body representing the international mining community in China. He also founded and is the Chairman of the Oriental Mining Club.

  7. Australian Influence on the Met Coke and Met Coal World: What Do the Next Five to Fifty Years Look Like

    Dr. Neil J. Bristow | Principal/Managing Consultant of H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd

    Over the past few years, Australian production of coal has had incredible influence on world coal and coke prices.  As prices worldwide have fallen, currency effects have helped Australian producers thrive while other regions have pulled back. What will happen in the next few years as more mines close worldwide and prices begin to rise?

    As an internationally recognized expert, Dr. Bristow has been involved in steel and steelmaking raw materials for more than 20 years.  He has led numerous investigations in coal and iron ore technical and market research, minerals strategy development, and market planning for BHP’s coal business, and was Chief Analyst for BHP Billiton’s Carbon Steel Materials Group, leading the Market Intelligence Group in Singapore.

  8. Roundtable: World Issues in Coke, Coal and Steel

    Urzaa, Valia, Desheng, Sobolewski

    While it is impossible to cover the entirety of the world in one discussion, and certainly not across two days, this discussion will engage our panel on the critical elements influencing regions around the world. What will happen in China and India are overwhelming concerns, but South America, Europe and Australia have much to add to the discussion. This concluding roundtable will tackle issues big and small and leave you with solutions and insight to find a way forward.

    Moderated By: Neil Bristow

    Hu Desheng, Chief Researcher, Baosteel Group 

    Hardarshan Valia, Coal Science Institute

    Chris Urzaa, Jellinbah Group

    Aleksander Sobolewski

  9. Refreshments available at the close of the conference