2017 Event Agenda

See below for what was presented and discussed at the 2017 Eurocoke Summit.

Day one - Tuesday 25 April

Eurocoke Summit Day One

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Dr. Neil J. Bristow | Principal/Managing Consultant of H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

  3. Technical keynote: Future challenges & opportunities in a transforming world

    Dr Frederic Honnart | Cokeplant Expert of ArcelorMittal CTO, France

Global outlook for the coal, coke and steel industries

  1. Outlook for the EU economy and steel market

    Ing Jeroen Vermeij | Director, Market Analysis and Economic Studies of EUROFER, Belgium

  2. How will the US respond to the current met coal pricing landscape?

    Jim Truman | Director - Global Metallurgical Coal Markets of Wood Mackenzie, USA

    • Price trends over the past 12 months
    • Drivers to these changes and implications for a more stable market
    • North American plans for export growth
    • Trump administration possible demand impact and uncertainty
    • Near-term outlook
  3. Challenges and evolution of the seaborne metallurgical coal market

    Dr. Neil J. Bristow | Principal/Managing Consultant of H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

  4. Networking break

  5. With consolidation in China and growth in India how will coke consumption react?

    William May | Steel Raw Materials Analyst of CRU Group, UK


    • Restructuring of the Chinese steel industry: What will new capacity be? What type of production will it be?
    • How will change in industry dynamic affect BF population profile and therefore coking coal and coke consumption                                                                                                  


    • What will Indian crude steel production growth look like? Will government hit targets and where will new expansion be built?
    • Will India take on same growth profile as China? Will new projects be integrated? CSR implications.
    • What will coke export volumes be from China given Indian expansion?
  6. OTC coking coal trading: a reason to cheer or jeer?

    Stephen Doyle | President of BtuBaron, USA

    • Status report on coking coal trading
    • Price volatility attracts trading liquidity
    • Can coking coal traders and coke plant managers coexist?
    • How might the future unfold?
  7. Roundtable discussion: Understanding the challenges and opportunities for recovery

    Speakers from this morning's presentations discuss upcoming changes to markets and their impact

  8. Networking lunch

Successfully operating plants in today’s challenging circumstances

  1. Chair's opening remarks

    Viktor Stiskala | Head of Technology Coal & Coke - Senior Manager, Hot Metal Production of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Germany

  2. Ammonium bicarbonate or “baking powder” by coke oven gas - a new by-product-process of innovative COG-utilisation

    Peter Liszio | General Manager KBS Kokereibetriebsgesellschaft Schwelgern of ThyssenKrupp Steel, Germany

    A researcher team at Technical University of Berlin developed in cooperation with thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution a new process to produce ammonium bicarbonate as a new product of coke oven gas purification. Ammonium bicarbonate is well known as baking powder in kitchens or as fertilizer in agriculture.

    The presentation will outline the development from the status of lab test tube to the pilot test installation at coke plant Schwelgern. The triangle of TU Berlin, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solution and KBS was operating and testing the installation under real production condition in by pass to the by-product facilities of KBS to sample realistic basic data for engineering an industrial production site.

    The presentation will outline first results and future outlooks for the industrial use of this new process.

  3. POSCO way of coke making operation and technology development through reduced production costs

    Hyun Ju Jeong | Manager at Pohang Works of POSCO, South Korea

    POSCO started producing coke from 1973 and Posco has 2 main coke making works, Pohang and Gwangyang. From starting to now, we put effort to install the required facilities and make better production condition. In 2016, POSCO produced 11.2mt lump coke using 17.4 mt coal. Because of serious cost competition in global steel market and limited resources, POSCO has to reduce production cost. The main activity is to reduce gas consumption to heat up in coke oven by improving heat efficiency.

  4. Networking break

  5. CSA coke plant performance evolution

    Evanildo Bernabé Soares | Coke Plant Operational Manager of ThyssenKrupp CSA, Brazil

  6. Closing keynote: Paths to reduce CO2 emissions in the steel industry

    Dr Hans Bodo Lüngen | Director Technology of Steel Institute VDEh, Germany

    • Overview of iron and steelmaking routes
    • CO2 emission sources during steelmaking
    • Status quo of achieved CO2 mitigations
    • Requirements of the EU for CO2 mitigation till 2050
    • Paths and ways to further reduce CO2 emissions
    • Steel as a CO2 mitigation enabler
    • Conclusions
  7. Chair's closing remarks and close of day one

    Viktor Stiskala | Head of Technology Coal & Coke - Senior Manager, Hot Metal Production of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Germany

  8. Networking drinks reception sponsored by Xcoal Energy & Resources

    Join Xcoal Energy and Resources for an opportunity to network in a more informal setting over drinks. 

Day two - Wednesday 26 April

Battery repair and maintenance

  1. Delegate sign-in and morning refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Ingomar Köhler | Consultant of PROCOMCO, Germany

  3. Battery repair techniques to keep ageing coke plants running and avoid expensive rebuilds

    Mirjam Ballon | Head of Revamp Coke Plants of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, Germany

    • To erect a modern coke battery usually more than hundred Million € needs to be spent. During the erection production is suspended
    • The average life time of the battery is around 25 to 30 years. Applying different maintenance and repair techniques could prolong the life time of the battery of around 10 to 30 years.
    • The paper will show how different repair methods and moderate operational investments could save major capital expenses whilst earning money due to ongoing production. 
  4. New technology developments for coke oven maintenance

    Richard A Randolph | Coke Americas COMIT Champion of Fosbel Inc.

    • Low temperature ceramic welding for cooler end flue coke oven maintenance
    • Fused silica shapes for end flue/corbel construction maintenance
    • Inspection technologies to track coke oven maintenance
  5. Roundtable on the future of battery repair and maintenance

    Featuring session speakers and members of the Advisory Board

Methods to reduce emissions from coke and steelmaking

  1. Emerging CO2 capture technologies by Calcium Looping and their applicability to the Iron & Steel Industry

    Prof. J. Carlos Abanades | Research Scientist of CSIC-INCAR, Spain

    Calcium Looping technologies (CaL) is a family of novel processes for CO2 capture that uses CaO as regenerable sorbent of CO2. The critical CO2 separation step is carried out at very high temperatures, as these are needed to calcine in a rich atmosphere of CO2 the CaCO3 formed during the capture step. This allows for an effective recovery of the large input of energy required for the regeneration of the CaO-rich sorbent. Postcombustion CaL using high velocity, compact circulating fluidised beds has experienced a very rapid scale up in recent years, achieving successful testing for over 3000 hours in a 1.7 MWth pilot facility in la Pereda (Spain) and other large pilots around the world. The main results from these pilots as well as their applicability to the steel industry boundaries  will be briefly presented. An outlook to other less developed concepts involving CO2 capture using CaL for BFG and COG, intended to further reduce overall energy penalties and cost will also be given.

  2. STEPWISE: Cost-effective CO2 capture for the iron and steel industry

    Paul Cobden | Project Co-ordinator, STEPWISE of ECN

  3. Networking lunch

Exploring the latest R&D projects in Europe

  1. Chair's opening remarks

    Jorge Caldeira | Manager Technical Marketing of Jellinbah Group, Brazil

  2. Recent progress in cokemaking science at Centre de Pyrolyse de Marienau

    Jean-Paul Gaillet | Director of Centre de Pyrolyse de Marienau (CPM), France

    This paper deals with some recent R&D projects carried out at Centre de Pyrolyse de Marienau. Four topics covering various  aspects of cokemaking will be presented: effect of weathering on coal value in use, improvement of coke oven battery heating, internal gas pressure measurements in industrial ovens and maximum admissible wall pressure to prevent coke oven damage.

  3. DMT Cokemaking Service and the last 10 years of research and development

    Drazen Gajic | Head of Business Segment Raw Materials & Environmental Services of DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    DMT has a research history more than 70 years. DMT will show results of recent ten years of participation in the RFCS projects MAXICARB, DENSICHARGE, COWEST and BINGO. Furthermore it will be shown in house developments like the pilot-scale 10kg-retort carbonization test.

  4. Exploring the relationship between INCAR research and cokemaking

    Dr María Antonia Diez | Research Scientist of CSIC-INCAR, Spain

  5. IChPW R&D activities for cokemaking

    Aleksander Sobolewski | Director of Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland

    • Blend composition (Polish coals vs. seaborne coals)
    • New solutions for stamp charging optimization
    • New technologies for waste water cleaning
    • Perspectives for R&D results commercial implementation
    • BAT conclusions implementation in coking plants - what is the main problem ?
  6. Closing roundtable: How should the industry respond and move forward from here?

    Closing roundtable with members of the Advisory Board facilitated by Neil J. Bristow | Principal & Managing Consultant of H&W Worldwide Consulting Pty Ltd

  7. Chair's closing remarks and close of Eurocoke Summit 2017